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26 January 2006

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams + Daytona USA (Saturn)

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After waiting for over a week, they were finally delivered at my home. I’ve had barely any time to play them yet, but I did do a testrun on both of them.

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams
Daytona USA
Daytona USA

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams is a special edition demo version of NiGHTS into Dreams created by Sonic Team. It’s a platform like game in which you can play either as Elliot Edwards or as Claris Sinclair, but the main character of the game is neither one or the other, the main character is called NiGHTS who was a first class Maren together with Reala who were both created by Wizeman, the evildoer of this game.
When NiGHTS realizes how evil his master is he gets locked up in an Ideya Palace. He managed to find a way to escape with the help of a human dreamer. These dreamers are Elliot and Claris.
The gameplay consists of a mix between platform jump ‘n run and some kind of flying and dancing around the air. The “normal” platform style will be as you are playing with either Elliot or Claris, depending on who you choose before the game starts and the flying around style will be when you are playing with NiGHTS. First you play one of the kids and on certain points you can change to NiGHTS. To finish a level you have to fly through a certain number of rings. On the way you can collect all kinds of bonusses and perform dancing moves while in the air for extra bonusses. A special controller is available for this game, but unfortunatly I don’t have it (yet).

Daytona USA

The box of this game claims it to be a pixel-perfect conversion of the popular arcade racing game Daytona USA. Well, I can tell you one thing, it isn’t. The arcade machine’s hardware is far superior to the hardware of the Saturn, so even if they wanted to get close to make it as good as the original, they would certainly need a stronger machine than the Saturn.
But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad game, on the contrary, I think this is a very fun racing game albeit that it has only 3 tracks and very few cars to choose from. It doesn’t look too good, but still way better than other racing games like Hi-Octane. I did notice, however, that the screenshots on the back of the box are from the arcade version. This doesn’t really matter too much though considering the size of the shots, Doom has shots from the PC version on the back of the box.
In the bottom line, Daytona USA is what you would expect from it, a racing game that has nice speed readouts on the speed-o-meter and plays very smooth, this being for as far as I have played it yet. The only real drawback I noticed is the absense of any multiplayer modes, nothing beats a 2 player splitscreen race with a friend.

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  1. The screenshots on the back are NOT from the arcade version – to get an indication of what the arcade version looks like, look at these links:

    pic 1
    pic 2
    pic 3

    Zhooibaal: allright, I was misinformed then, but still, the images on the back of the cover look quite a lot different from the actual game, so I still doubt that those are actually taken from the same version.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 26 January 2006 @ 20:23000000

  2. Oh and Christmas Nights looks really cool. I wish I had one.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 26 January 2006 @ 20:25000000

  3. I’d suggest you come over sometime an give it a try 😛

    Comment by zhooibaal — 27 January 2006 @ 9:18000000

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