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28 February 2006

Pinball @ work

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My boss just recently added some pinball machines to his collection. When I started back in September last year he only had the Bally Viking and Bally Baby Pac-Man. Now he has a total of 10 machines and we are allowed to play on them during breaktimes.
Here is a list of which machines he has and links to them on IPDB (the Internet Pinball DataBase) and ofcourse a few pictures.

  1. Baby Pac-Man
  2. Viking
  3. Lethal Weapon 3
  4. Barb-Wire
  5. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  6. 007: Goldeneye
  7. Roadshow
  8. No Fear
  9. Corvette
  10. Last Action Hero

Unfortunatly it’s not possible to have them running all at the same time and that is also the main reason why they’re not turned on in the pictures and the Baby Pac-Man machine is malfunctioning, the right flipper doesn’t work. Anyway, here are the pictures I took about 5 minutes ago.
Baby Pac-manViking + Lethal Weapon 3Barb-Wire + Terminator 2 + GoldeneyeRoadshow + No FearCorvette + Last Action Hero
From the left to the right these are the tables as mentioned above.

The Baby Pac-Man cabinet is actually the only one that isn’t a “pure” pinball machine, it features a slightly modified Pac-Man game with slightly different mazes than the original and bonusses like the special pills and cherries, bananas, extra lives and stuff like that can be activated using the pinball part below the screen. It features no plunger and no outlanes, instead it fires the ball from a kicker inbetween the flippers onto the playfield. It’s really a shame that it doesn’t work at the moment.
The Viking machine was the first my boss had and after that he bought his first real modern pinball machine, one featuring a dot-matrix screen instead of numeric displays for each player. Terminator 2 was that table and after that came the Lethal Weapon. The last 7 machines he got in one buy.
I don’t even want to know what the price of those things where, but one thing is certain: they are a lot of fun to play on every once in a while!

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27 February 2006


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To all non-Dutch/non-German/non-Belgian people who visit my blog every now and then, carnaval is a feast where people go out to pubs/bars/cafes, drink lot’s of beer and are all dressed up. Kind of like Halloween, but with another theme.
Carnaval has been going on during last weekend en is still continueing till tommorow and some afterparties everywhere on wednesday.
Last night I took some pictures and some people are really desperate to see them, so here they are:

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Personal cooling

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Here is the thing I used that el-cheapo AC/DC adaptor for. 2 12cm casefans I placed next to my screen for personal cooling purposes, this can prove to be very valuable during summertime as the temperature sometimes rises over 35 degrees Celsius in my room, aaaahhhh cooling.
I used the powerswitch of a busted Cisco 1601R to be able to turn the fans on and off. The fans are taken from an old IBM rackmount server and are both on one powercord. The fanguards were already placed on them.

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25 February 2006

PCDumpdag = bargainhunt supreme

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Ah, today cheered me up quite good after the immense frustration of yesterday.
I went to the PC Dumpdag and once there I stumbled across a few funny and nice bargains:

  1. hardware: E-Tech webcam with infrared function
  2. hardware: cool rubber ducky optical mouse
  3. hardware: cheap ass AC/DC adaptor with 11V output
  4. PC game: Escape… Or die trying (ODT)

Here are some pictures of the webcam, ODT and the mouse.

I’ve also recorded a short videoclip of the mouse in action so you can all see it’s multicolor feature!
Right click -> save as or just left click to view: rubber ducky mouse videoclip (2,4MB)

I haven’t taken a picture of the adaptor, but what’s there to see anyway? I will post a picture of it when I’m done with it though >=D

I will also post a picture of me taken with the cam sometime soon, but unfortunatly I have no time for that now.

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24 February 2006

Now it’s official: I f*cking hate Benq and KDZ Express

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Allright, I mentioned before that my laptop was driving me insane… But it gets worse.
I returned the damned thing for repairs, because the keyboard was broken, they picked it up. So far so good… Now, they called me last wednesday telling me that it would be delivered back due thursday and as you all know, today it’s fucking friday and it still isn’t here.
So I called Benq who told me it was shipped and should have arrived yesterday… Fucking great.
So they went looking for it and I received a call back from KDZ Express (the delivery service Benq uses) and they told me it was delivered at ‘t Inne 30c in Budel and it was signed for?!. In other words, according to them it was delivered at the place where I fucking work! Yeah right, then why don’t I have it? You tell me.
So now, I called Benq again and the guy I got there is the same guy as I got the first time when I returned that fucking laptop for repairs and all he could say was: “oh, dat is vreemd”, which is Dutch for “Oh, that’s strange”. But at least he told me he would look into it and he even gave me a phone number he wasn’t allowed to give me so I could apply some extra pressure on the handling of this case (1 extra point for Benq, but I still hate it…)
Anyway, the number he gave me redirects me back to KDZ Express who told me that they would send me a fax with the signature it was received on, let’s see how this ends…
To be honest, I hope that I won’t get it back, because that saves me the trouble of getting rid of it for a good price… I would be much happier if I would be compensated for money for it to cover the cost of the laptop and the damage done by it’s absense (I need the fucking thing at work, one pc simply isn’t enough for what I do here, must run too many tasks at once) so I can get me a descent one with proper service and no KD-fucking-Z. I’d rather carry it back to a shop or store where they handle stuff like that for me instead of having to get it picked up by an incompetent delivery “service” and then not receive it back…
I’ll update you all on this whenever I know more on this… wish me luck…

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