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08 February 2006

Adobe Reader is fast!

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Adobe Reader

What do you mean? Adobe Reader is fast? No way!
I know… It’s very slow and that makes it a real pain in the ass. For speed it’s way better to use an alternative .pdf reader like Foxit Reader, but readers like this lack certain functionality and sometimes the compatibility isn’t what it should be.
But is there a way to have both a fast and 100% compatible .pdf reader? Yes, there is! And it’s called Adobe Reader! What? Yes!

Here is how it works:
– open explorer
– browse to the directory where you installed Adobe Reader
– find the plug_ins directory
– delete it’s entire content
– find the plug_ins3d directory
– delete it’s entire content
– done, Adobe Reader is now lightning fast!

The only drawback of this method is that you lose funcionality like searching. To prevent this, you should backup the search.api and search5.api files before erasing both the plugins directories.
The About Adobe Plug-ins screen will then look pretty much like this and Adobe Reader will start almost instantly when you double click it’s icon.
Adobe Reader screenshot plugins

Edit: a friend of mine gave me this tip and is forcing me to mention it in this post.

…End of line.


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  1. Great tip! Thanks

    Comment by flaco — 11 February 2006 @ 16:29000000

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