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10 February 2006

First Daniel, now me…

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First my friend Daniel from ddm-yab posted this about being driven insane by his laptop and now it’s my turn. And I don’t even have an Acer, it’s a Benq Joybook 8100 D29.
Benq Joybook 8100 D29
A few weeks ago I had to return my beloved Benq Joybook 8100 D29 for repairs after my DVD burner refused to eject the usual way by pushing the button on the tray, it would only eject when you told it to by right-clicking on the dvd icon in explorer and then clicking eject…
Now, a few weeks later, it’s my keyboard… I was just playing a good old game of pinball on my laptop, Slam Tilt to be exact, and then suddenly the down arrow key of my laptop came off… Allthough it’s also visible on the other picture I took of my laptop, here’s a detail shot of the part of the keyboard in question.
Broken down arrow key on the same Benq Joybook 8100 D29
Hey, that’s odd, I thought playing a pinball game only involved both shift keys, the spacebar and the enter button. Indeed it does, but still the down arrow key came off after I finished playing. At least I noticed it coming off then, but it would probably have been coming off a bit earlier allready… Well, Today (heh, yeah, it’s allready friday now, it’s 0:07) I’ll give the Benq RMA helpdesk a call to see if I can return this for a warranty repair and if not I’ll probably shout at the guy on the phone and go play some pinball on my indestructable IBM keyboard with a steel plate as it’s floorplate, man that thing is heavy…

…End of line.


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