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11 February 2006

Bargain-bin-hunt, result: 2 “new” Saturn games

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Today I went to Replay Videogames once again and once again I started searching the bargain bin over there for interesting stuff. Today I found the following:

Virtua Fighter

WWF WrestleMania

Both games are in perfect working state and above all, I like them both. Maybe the graphics of either aren’t really impressive, they do look reasonably good. With Virtua Fighter you might want to keep in mind that it was actually the first game which had poligonal 3D models for human characters. WWF WrestleMania on the other hand simply has sprites which are more functional than good looking. Both are ports from earlier arcade versions, thus explaining why the WWF game is quite a lot faster on the gameplay than later games on N64 and even after that and still coming out on PS2 and XBox. Both the N64 and PS2/XBox versions have better graphics though (yow, Captain Obvious strikes again).

…End of line.



  1. I have Virtua Fighter too on Saturn. Not long after Virtua Fighter (which was a launch title), Sega released Virtua Fighter Remix. This was the same game as Virtua Fighter with one big difference: texture mapping.

    Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn is technically a VERY accomplished port – while it’s not arcade perfect (how can it be? The arcade version was Model 2), it pushes the Saturn to its very limits.

    Oh and I did pick it up the PStwo today. What sucks is that it doesn’t contain the extra IDE pads needed to hook up IDE harddrives and such. What’s cool is that it apparently doesn’t suffer from the DVD laser burnouts as the previous models. (v12)

    Oh and did I mention it’s incredibly small? It’s almost as if Sony knew what the newest rage would be (miniturization) and pre-empted the Ipod Nano and Game Boy Micro by about a year.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 11 February 2006 @ 22:16000000

  2. You could make one heck of a cool portable out of that one 😛

    Comment by zhooibaal — 12 February 2006 @ 3:46000000

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