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17 February 2006

Future Pinball work in progress

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Future Pinball Logo

I’ve been working on figuring out how to use Future Pinball. Future Pinball is a Windows program that allows the users to create their very own virutal pinball tables.
I have always liked pinball games, so this is a nice opportunity to create one that completely fits to my needs.
Future Pinball is more or less derived from Visual Pinball (also see vpforums.com), but it does some things a bit better:

  • Better GUI
  • Advanced graphics
  • Better ball physics
  • More pre-defined objects
  • Scripting makes more sense

There is, however, also one thing that I can think of that isn’t as good as Visual Pinball:

  • Ramps, Future Pinball has none as of yet, but there will be in some later version

So, while trying to figure out how Future Pinball exactly works I have come up with several ideas for pinball tables and have finally come up with the following (yet unfinished) basic design:
Future Pinball WIP
Al lot has got to be done before I can call this thing finished, stuff like:

  • Textures
  • Scripting
  • Translite messages
  • Design tweaking
  • Targets
  • Scoring

The scoring system does already work, but that already works when you click “file->new”. The default script allready handles that. But the default multiplayer script appears to be faulty. It doesn’t correctly switch players after the “EndBall” event, so that had to be fixed, but that also works now.
So if you have any suggestions on the placement of objects, addition of objects (i.e. targets, bumpers, slingshots, extra flippers etc.), wall or other guides placement, drop me a line.

But as I already said, this table is far from finished and will still need a lot of work before it’s finished, so please don’t yet start complaining that it sucks, do that when it’s finished and you still feel that way.
When it’s done, I will surely upload it somewhere so you can all give it a spin.

…End of line.


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