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17 March 2006

CeBIT 2006

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Last wednesday was CeBIT day for me. We went there as a fieldtrip with school; nearly 10 hours on the bus (5 hours to get there and another 5 hours to get back) and we got a miserable 5 hours to stroll around there.
I mean, it’s 27 halls of interesting (and less interesting) stuff and in 5 hours you can barely cover a few complete halls.
Anyway, I still had quite a good day, allthough it’s probably the cause of me being sick now… I took around 73 pictures that day and I have made a little selection of those to post here:
On the way there

@ CeBIT 2006
The stand of the company where I work


Licensed playboy stuff for mobile phones

AEG promogirls

Some fiber showoff

Soccerball tent

Very cool car

HD TVs all over the place

Japanese talking “intelligent” robots

Without a doubt, the largest beamer you’ll ever see


Landing gear @ IBM

F1 cars and a promo girl+me

2 ladies with extremely cool electric violins

Model Airbus

On the way back
Sleeping people are fun to take pictures of

Same goes for people who are awake

And someone else took a picture of me in a nice pose

And last but not least
This picture is a sign at a parking lot in Germany:

It says the following: “Female parking lot, leave at least 3 spaces open”

Anyway, it was a fun day, allthough we didn’t have enough time… Far from it.
Samsung didn’t have a UMPC to show, which was too bad, but I think Microsoft would have had one to show to the people, but I missed that stand, probably because we didn’t have enough time to cover all halls in time (27 total, each huge).
You can see in the pictures what we did see and ofcourse I didn’t take pictures of everything and I didn’t put on all pictures.
For more info on the CeBIT fair itself go here

…End of line.


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