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23 March 2006

Today’s new additions

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Allright, I ordered a 2 Saturn games and a DVD movie from gamesgarage a little while ago and today they finally arrived:

DVD movie:


Bug! is a cute little platform game where you play a bug called Bug. I find the approach of this game rather unique. It is basicly a sidescrolling platform game with a pseudo 3D look, but you have the ability to move in 6 directions:

  1. left
  2. rigth
  3. forward
  4. backward
  5. up
  6. down

What I mean by this is that you can move left and right like in a traditional sidescroller, but it also has paths that are connected at a 90 degree angle to the left-right path allowing you to move in 4 different directions on the ground. Added to that there are also paths that stand straight op from the main path allowing you to walk up and down on a 90 degree angle. Especially the vertical walking looks really funny.
The game’s style may look pretty childish, but it is a really fun game to play and a nice diversion from the traditional sidescrolling platformer.

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix (BATR) is a tradional 3D 360 degree fighting game. According to critics it might not be as good as Virtua Fighter but I tend to disagree to a certain degree.
In my honest opinion BATR has better playability than Virtua Fighter, especially for a beginner to the genre. The easy setting is really easy and is very well suitable for those who aren’t any good at fighting games like myself and it is also very good to get to know the controls and learning how to attack and defend. With Virtua Fighter, even on the easy setting, I couldn’t get past the second fight without getting my ass kicked, so I think BATR is quite a bit better for me.
The graphics of this game are comparable to Virtua Fighter with one exception, the character models are textured and the character models of Virtua Fighter are flat shaded. I believe there is also a version for the Saturn of Virtua Fighter with textured character models, my friend Daniel told me that and ofcourse there is Virtua Fighter 2 which also has textured character models and, as far as I can tell from the screenshots, it does look a bit better than BATR.
Anyway, I find BATR to be a very fun fighting game and especially in single player mode, more fun than Virtua Fighter. I haven’t played either in 2 player mode yet, so I’ll have yet to see which one is more fun in 2 player mode.

Lemony Snicket’s: a Series of Unfortunate Events

It’s just a shame that I’ve never stumbled upon the special edition of this movie, but finally I have it on DVD anyway. This movie is in one word: brilliant. You may disagree with me, but I can watch this movie over and over again without getting bored of it. I used to have it on a burned DVD, so a fake one and I’ve been looking for a proper one for quite some time and now I got it at a bargain price, beit the standard edition without the fancy box displayed at IMDB.
This film is all about 3 kids who lose their parents in a terrible accident: their house burned down. To make things worse, they are being placed under guardianship of their beloved uncle Count Olaf. They soon discover that this Count Olaf isn’t the kind of person you want to be with so eventually they are removed from the house of Count Olaf and placed under guardianship of the next previously unknown strange family member. During all this moving from guardian to guardian a lot of, let’s say, unfortunate events occur and some details are revealed even before the chapter has properly begun, but that only adds to funfactor of this movie, believe me, it’s true.
If you haven’t seen this movie, go rent it or something, you’ll love it, now my search continues for the next DVD: Tim Buton’s Corpse Bride and the special, extended edition of Sin City… MUST… HAVE!

That’s it for now, here are just a few pictures of the new aquisitions:


As you might notice, the title on the cover of this movie is Dutch, however, the movie itself is in English. I would actually feel pretty fucked if it would have been only in Dutch, but it’s English and French. I would still had preffered Dutch over French though…

…End of line.



  1. Have you read the Seiries of Unfortunate Events books? Though they lack Jim Carrey, the narrative for the books is brilliant. I found the movie didn’t quite capture the books as well as it could have. It was very rushed, missing some good lines from the book.

    Comment by jest — 24 March 2006 @ 17:52000000

  2. Battle Arena Toshinden Remix was a PlayStation to Saturn port – it was supposed to be superior to the PlayStation version in terms of extra content, but lacked in other areas – transparency and graphics.

    As for Toshinden, it was a PlayStation1 launch game. The catchline? ‘Virtua Fighter with Street Fighter characters and special moves’.

    It was a ‘OMFG must-collect-jaw-from-floor’ type game where everyone was drooling over the awesome graphics (and the kinky mistress with the whip and Ellis’ see-through pants, no doubt – remember, this was way back before Dead or Alive), but in retrospect it is a weaker game than both Virtua Fighter and Tekken.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 24 March 2006 @ 21:54000000

  3. @Jest: no, I haven’t read the books, I don’t really read books to be honest, but I really love that movie.
    @Daniel: I agree that Tekken is superior to BATR, but Virtua Fighter being superior to BATR? I don’t completely agree with that.
    You see, Virtua Fighter is in no way accesible to beginners, it’s way to hard for someone who isn’t big into the genre (like me) and since BATRs easy setting is really easy enough for a beginner to get used to the game I think that on that at least on that point BATR is superior to Virtua Fighter,
    And in fact, I really like Sofia (the character with the whip), she has some mighty cool moves.
    As for realism, I have to admit that Virtua Fighter is way better than BATR, but still, currently I prefer BATR over Virtua Fighter, simply because it’s easier to control.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 25 March 2006 @ 1:00000000

  4. You should check out some of the later sequels (Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn, Virtua Fighter 3tb on Dreamcast, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution on PlayStation2, or Virtua Fighter 5 which is in arcades now). None of the other 3D fighting games (Tekken, Soul Calibur) can even compete with Virtua Fighter on a technical level, and none of the others have evolved so much over the years. The only fighting games that compete with Virtua Fighter on a technical level are probably Street Fighter III, or SNK’s fighting games. (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Art of Fighting, etcetera)

    Perhaps this is the reason why you don’t like it so much, though you should at least check out Virtua Fighter 2, as it’s a big improvement over the first (which is a bit dated, frankly).

    Also, I think you should check out some of the Street Fighter Alpha games on the Saturn. (Zero/Alpha 3 is the best) If unsure, try them first in MAME – they’re great beat ’em ups in their own right.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 25 March 2006 @ 1:41000000

  5. There won’t be a need to check them out first in MAME, I want to expand my collection anyway. If I don’t really like a game I simply play another and put it in my showcase next to the other games I already have.

    And I can only compare those games that I actually have or that I actually played. Comparing a dated game like BATR with current generation games like Virtua Fighter 4 and 5 isn’t quite fair.
    But I’m still looking for Virtua Fighter Remix and Virtua Fighter 2 for the Saturn, so if you happen to stumble upon these, please let me know.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 25 March 2006 @ 12:46000000

  6. Virtua Fighter 2 versus Toshinden is a fair comparison. Virtua Fighter 2 was released in 1994 in the arcade; ditto Toshinden on PlayStation.

    Until recently, Virtua Fighter 2 (PAL) for Saturn was on sale @ Gamersinc.

    But I did manage to find the PC version at MediaMarkt for (get this) 2 Euros. It’s a Windows 95/98 game – I’ve heard many complaints about the PC version, but I’m actually surprised @ how stunningly good it is – while it’s still not good as the Model 2 version, it is Direct3D accelerated and you can also tweak the level of detail in the models – from Saturn models to their Model 2 equivalents. (naturally, the Model 2 ones are far more detailed). It even features multiplayer capabilities (LAN or just plain twoplayer; two joysticks or one on a joystick and one on the keyboard) Still, this game is best played on the Saturn – it’s a console fighting game.

    Virtua Fighter 2 on PS2 is a retro remake which is supposed to be Model 2 arcade-perfect, though some fans have already found some things to gripe about.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 25 March 2006 @ 17:42000000

  7. Daytona USA on the Saturn was also supposed to be arcade perfect, the cover even says it is, but my guess is that whatever they do, they never get it arcade perfect, there is always something that the critics or fans complain about and conclude that the arcade version is superior.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 26 March 2006 @ 2:49000000

  8. OK, but with the Saturn it’s pretty clear that it was never going to match Model 2 – so the best you could hope for is that it pushes the Saturn to its limits. The best games on the Saturn used both processors in parallel whereas the quick and dirty ports such as WipeOut only used one processor, and looked awful next to the PlayStation version. Then there were the third-party games (such as Lobotomy’s Duke Nukem 3D and Quake) that at the time were thought to be impossible to do on the PlayStation. These games (especially Quake) were absolutely stunning conversions that demonstrate just what the Saturn was capable of.

    Had the Saturn benefited from better dedicated 3D acceleration (Model 2 featured bilinear filtering, among other features – which not even the PlayStation could do) and had they played to the strengths of the system, I think Daytona could have looked pretty respectable next to the Saturn port of Sega Rally. (a great conversion of a Model 2 game – notice how no one is complaining that it’s not arcade perfect.)

    Did you know that they also re-released Sega Rally on the PlayStation2, as part of the Sega Ages collection? It’s also supposed to be Model 2 arcade-perfect. You get it for free when you buy Sega Rally 2006 on PS2 – and it’s actually a far better game than the new one.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 26 March 2006 @ 13:34000000

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