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29 March 2006

Extra HDDs and Thrustmaster Fragmaster

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It has allready been a couple of days ago, but haven’t felt like creating a blog entry on this before.


I have bought and additional 250GB IDE harddisk and have swapped my old CPU (Athlon XP 2600+) for another 120GB IDE harddisk and a PCI Ultra ATA133 controller. Giving me a total of 790GB of harddisk space *grins*.

As you probably all know, the total amount of space on a harddisk is always lower than the amount printed on it. So effectively I now have 742,21GB of total harddisk space. But even this fact is argueable. You see, the amount of GBs on a harddisk is calculated differently by the harddisk manufacturers than by Windows (or Mac OSX or Linux or Solaris or Beos or whatever OS…). It goes in a way like this:

1000B = 1KB
1000KB = 1MB
1000MB = 1GB

But any OS will calculate it like this:

1024B = 1KB
1024KB = 1MB
1024MB = 1GB

So, this way it will always seem like the actual amount of space is lower than promised, let’s take a 120GB harddisk as an example:

Total capicity given by Windows: 114,49GB
Total capicity as printed on the label: 120GB
114,49GB x 1024^3 = 122932701429,76B
122932701429,76B / 1000^3 = 122,93270142976GB

As you can see the capicity in “normal human terms” really is 120GB, it’s even a bit over that. Allthough I personally find this approach quite a bit misleading, the user will always see what the OS gives him, but it is the way they do it and there is nothing we can do about it.
So if you want to know how much space the disk you are going to buy really has, this is the way to find out.


Another thing I bought is a Thrustmaster Fragmaster for a lousy €6,00 and that is maybe the strangest joystick I’ve ever seen. If even I can call it a joystick. I mean, it doesn’t even really look like a joystick. it has 2 handles directly attached to eachother and mounted on a single swivel like construction. It has 4 axis:

  1. X
  2. Y
  3. Rudder
  4. Throttle

The X-axis and Y-axis are used by moving the entire handle construction over the base platform, simply “sliding” it around. The rudder is used by turning the handle to the left or to the right and the throttle is used by moving the handle forward and backward like you would with a normal joystick.
I have no idea yet if this contraption is actually a good gamecontroller as I haven’t yet been able to get it to work with any game, but the testing tool shows me that it *is* functioning correctly and it seems to be very responsive and I must say that the handles are quite comfortable and the whole thing is easy to move around.

It has a total of 10 buttons: 4 triggers (2 on each side) and 3 buttons on top of each handle.
Unfortunatly it only has a gameport connector and my main pc (Slash Dev) has none of those, but my old pc (stoomketel) has one and there aren’t any Windows XP drivers for it anyway, so I’ll leave it connected to stoomketel for the time being.

There isn’t much more to tell about it right now, so here are some pics:
Thrustmaster Fragmaster 1Thrustmaster Fragmaster 2

…End of line.



  1. Wow, that looks almost as fucked up as my Sidewinder Freestyle Pro. Should have gone for the MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro when you got the chance, eh?

    Comment by danieldematteis — 30 March 2006 @ 0:28000000

  2. Maybe I should have… *BUT*, Slash Dev doesn’t have gameport, I don’t actually *want* force feedback and the force feedback of that series of sidewinder joysticks doesn’t work on Windows XP anyway. So I would have been able to use it *only* on Stoomketel and that’s not what I’m looking for.
    on april 21 I’m going to this big lanparty in Eindhoven (The Party) and MyCOM is opened till 9 on fridays, so I think I’ll go there and pick up a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for €35,00, maybe quite a bit more than what I would pay for a second hand, but at least it’s new with 2 years warranty.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 30 March 2006 @ 8:42000000

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