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02 April 2006

Duckhunting time!

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My dear friend Dennis found this Duckhunt cartridge and a Zapper on a secondhand stuff selling website and decided to buy them and give them to me. For that I am very gratefull and now I can play Duckhunt on my NES 😀

The cartridge he got isn’t the one with both Super Mario Bros. and Duckhunt on it, but the dedicated Duckhunt cartridge. The most important differnce is not even the fact that the one features 2 games and the other only 1, it is the fact that almost all cartridges that people sell under the title Duckhunt are the those 2 in 1 cartidges. Now I wouldn’t mind to have one of those as well, but it’s just that these seperate cartridges appear to be more valueable than the combi ones. I also have a seperate Super Mario Bros. cartidge and for as far as I have looked, those are even more difficult to find for sale.

Allthough the Duckhunt cartridge appears to be a bit worn out, it still works with a little bit of effort, just shake it 1 time and blow in bottom and it’s ready to go, but occasionally it just gives me a gray screen… Remove the cartrigde, repeat the shake and blow and try again untill it works and then when it works, it keeps working for as long as the cartridge remains inside the console. So I don’t really see a problem there anyway 😀

So Dennis, thank you! I owe you one.

Duckhunt!Nintendo Zapper

I also *amputated* a part of the NES. On the inside, where the cartridge slot is residing there is quite a large piece of metal placed over the cartridge slot. I believe it is there to protect the slot from damage, but I can’t think of anything that could damage the slot and the motherboard underneath and the protective cap was causing to slot to jam occasionally with a cartridge inserted, so I decided to remove it and see what happens.

The outcome is that not only it has become easier to load the cartidges, it has also become easier to remove them and it’s less of an effort to have them actually work. Before the removal of the metal doodle the console’s powerled just flashed to indicate there was no cartridge present while one was inserted. Now it just works, no more “I have no cartridge” bullshit.

Removed NES part
This is the metal part I removed from the inside of the NES and besides that you see the amount of screws it lost. The little plastic cap they’re lying in is a little cover which is normally attached to the bottom of the NES. I don’t know it’s purpose but it seems to me that it has none, so it won’t miss it in any way.

…End of line.



  1. Ahh man! I remember duckhunt! Loads of fun!

    I’ve got a regular Nintendo boxed up in my closet…think they will ever go up in value?

    Comment by flaco — 03 April 2006 @ 18:47000000

  2. Duckhunt is indeed loads of fun and I’m starting to get the hang of it, I’m already getting to round 15 😀

    I think the value of the NES might grow over time, at this time there are just too many of them available to be very valuable.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 03 April 2006 @ 18:49000000

  3. Duckhunt is fun and I am already getting to round 11. Can’t wait to increase the round soon. Just love it.

    Comment by Next-Generation Games — 04 April 2006 @ 12:41000000

  4. Think we’ll see a Duck Hunt Revolution on the Revolution? 🙂

    Comment by danieldematteis — 05 April 2006 @ 22:01000000

  5. I wouldn’t think so, but it would be immensively cool 😛
    Maybe Duck Hunt DS?

    Comment by zhooibaal — 06 April 2006 @ 8:12000000

  6. It’d be best to see how well Point Blank DS turns out. I’m still unconvinced lightgun games really work with a stylus – it’s far too easy and it takes the fun out of it.

    Oh well, if you’re really desperate for more Duck Hunt – Wario Ware (the GBA game, the original) has Duck Hunt as one of its minigames. It’s playable for a few seconds only and it’s about as authentic to Duck Hunt as it is to Duck Doom, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 06 April 2006 @ 22:06000000

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