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04 April 2006

Yet another productive day

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As the title sais, this day has been pretty productive. Allthough not much could be done at work, but a few things have happened today so that I can call this day a good one:

  1. new, working, Gamegear arrived
  2. and it came with 3 games
  3. Installed some extra fans in my pc, because it was overheating

As you can see, not too much did happen, but the things that did happen made me really happy.

New Gamegear

Like many of you allready know, the Sega Gamegear I have is pretty screwed up. Someone wanted to buy it for parts, but he never showed up, so I’m still stuck with it.
But now, just today, a replacement arrived and that one is working splendidly. It doesn’t have a crappy new brightnessdial, no tear on the screen and the sound works.
Sega Gamegear

Aside from a few scratches on the screen it’s in a perfect condition. Now I can finally start playing the few games I have for it and on top of that the device came with 3 additional games:

  1. Alien 3
  2. Columns
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 1

Alien 3ColumnsSonic the Hedgehog 2

I have only tested the device with the Sonic 2 cartridge and from that I can conclude that the device is indeed in a near perfect condition, except for the few scratches and that I quite like Sonic allthough I’m not at all good at it.
I haven’t played the other 2 and neither have I tried my other 2 games (Wonderboy 3 and Ninja Gaiden 2) on it.

As you all know, Sonic 2 is a platform game and so is Alien 3. Columns is a tetris style game. I can’t say too much about any of the games I own for that system yet, because I’ve hardly played any, but if you want to know whether I think they’re any fun, check the videogames page after some time. I will play them all and add a proper rating to either sometime in the near future.

The cooling chronicles

A few days ago I posted a blog entry about the fact that I got 2 extra harddisks. I was all like *YAY!*, but after a little while I couldn’t conclude anything else than that the 4 harddisks were placed wrongly and were causing the system to overheat.

So now, what did I do to resolve this issue? Well, firstly I disconnected all of the harddisks and removed them from the case, then I removed all the IDE cables and the videocard.
Yes, I also removed the videocard, just to open up some space to work, because those things are huge.

So then I looked at which one was jumpered as master and which one as slave, then I put my first harddisk (primary master) in the bottom bay, left one open, put the primary slave in the next bay, left one open, put the secondary master in the next bay, left another one open and ended up putting the secondary slave in the floppybay. I don’t have a floppydrive anyway, so that doesn’t matter at all.

After doing that I reconnected all IDE cables. The long blue one for my CD writer and DVD player to my PCI IDE controller, the long yellow one for the harddisks on the secondary IDE connector on my motherboard and the short black one to my primary IDE connector on my motherboard to the bottom 2 harddisks.
After that I reconnected the power cables and wrapped them all nicely together to improve airflow.

And last but not least, I added 2 80mm casefans and concluded that 1 of the 2 that were allready installed wasn’t connected and that I didn’t have enough connectors to connect them all. So I hardwired those 3 together and connected it on 1 power cable and it works perfectly and now I no longer have any overheating problems, just a PC that is very, VERY noisy. But I don’t mind that, it used to be that noisy before I replaced the case, so now it’s just back to normal.
Slashdev 01Slashdev 02Slashdev 03Slashdev 04Slashdev 05
These pictures are also on the page for SlashDev which I have also updated to meet the current harddisk configuration.

…End of line.



  1. You should check out Sonic 1 on the Game Gear – one of my favorite games on the Gear. It also helps that Yuzo Koshiro (a BRILLIANT music composer who worked on most of Sega’s early ’90s hits, including the brilliant techno soundtracks for the Streets of Rage series) did the music for the game.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 05 April 2006 @ 17:55000000

  2. I know that I must check Sonic 1, unfortunatly it didn’t come with the Gamegear, but I sure will get it at some later date.
    The same goes for many other games as well 😛

    Comment by zhooibaal — 05 April 2006 @ 22:07000000

  3. It been a long time since I had a GameGear, the batterys just run out too fast.

    Comment by Christopher Jackson — 07 April 2006 @ 20:03000000

  4. i miss my old game gear

    Comment by Maz — 08 April 2006 @ 21:23000000

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