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14 April 2006

The Benq chronicles part #1

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Allright then, there are still a few things I need to post blog entries about… Things like 3 new DVD movies I have bought, 2 “new” DOS games and a new Windows game, but first comes something of much higher significance: my never ending road of problems with Benq.
In my previous post I mentioned that my crappy BENQ laptop broke once again. Just like the first time which I haven’t blogged about but is mentioned in this post , the DVD burner is broken.
It promptly refuses to take DVD+R media and does, on the other hand, burn CD-R media without any trouble. That’s about exactly what I told Benq when they asked me for a problem description.
So, this morning they called be around 8:30 and told me that they couldn’t find a defect in my DVD burner and that they had tested it with several different CD-R media… DOH! Shit, I thought they actually had intelligence to some extend, but it appears that they don’t even understand that they should test a DVD+RW drive with a DVD+R disc instead of a CD-R, but the good part has yet to come.
This guy on the phone was clearly no tech himself, he was probably instructed with what to say so the poor guy just told me what was told him.
He said that it was a software problem, because I was running a program called Daemon Tools. According to Benq Daemon Tools can cause a software incompatibility with DVD and CD burning hardware. I wonder how it is possible that I have written DVD media all the time with this program running… So I replied to him that that is just bullshit, that I have been burning DVDs all of the time with Daemon Tools running. He stuttered for a moment and “advised” me to turn off Daemon Tools in the future if I want to burn a DVD or CD. My turn again, after I said this I could barely stop myself from laughing my ass off. I said that Daemon Tools is a SCSI emulator which on top of the emulation runs a simulation of a physical CD/DVD drive which gets it’s own IRQ number from Windows for the SCSI driver and does in no way influence the CD/DVD burning of the real drive and that when I inserted a DVD+R disc before Windows even booted the noises the drive produced were exactly the same indicating that it doesn’t take the disc.
At this moment he had no clue on what to say, he stuttered for a few moments, I could even say that he sounded a bit scared at this point, poor sob. And eventually he said that someone from the tech department would contact me later today. I gave him my cellphone number so that the tech could call me on that, because I won’t be home for the rest of the day.

So now I wait for the call from the tech guy who will undoubtly try to make me believe that the other guy was right and that the laptop will be returned without any repairs done.
This will undoubtly be continued.

…Next line.



  1. Ouch…. and I thought Acer support was bad…

    Comment by danieldematteis — 14 April 2006 @ 13:35000000

  2. BTW, how’s Daikatana? 🙂

    Comment by danieldematteis — 14 April 2006 @ 14:10000000

  3. Yeah, you really pwned that telephone dude.

    Comment by Den... uh NO! it's... Jim — 14 April 2006 @ 19:39000000

  4. ben~q sucks ben~q sucks, the roam around a garbage can, ben~q sucks

    try to make ben…. q, get it

    it’s kinda like pentax suck pentax suck, some slipknot song i think.

    but it stinks the mofo’s

    Comment by swen — 14 April 2006 @ 20:55000000

  5. Jens, any progress on the matter? Did they call you back? Another bogus story proving no doubt that there’s nothing wrong with your laptop.

    Sometimes I hate these so-called service desks… they’re intended as an intermediary between company and customer, but it seems most of the time they’re more of an annoyance to the customer than anything else.

    Speaking of which, I still haven’t heard anything from Paradigit (or Acer, for that matter). It wouldn’t surprise me if they still haven’t shipped it to Acer yet.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 17 April 2006 @ 15:09000000

  6. I actually expect Benq to call me back today, so I can pwn them yet again >=D

    As for your case, keep calling to paradigit and pwn them every time you do untill they ship it 😛

    Comment by zhooibaal — 18 April 2006 @ 8:53000000

  7. […] The Benq chronicles part #1 […]

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