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19 April 2006

The Big Announcement!

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Today it has happened, a new teamblog has been launched and it is called geeklimit.com and I’m one of it’s team members.
From this day on I will use this personal blog for my gaming adventures like the games I buy, get or aquire in any way and the other stuff, like the BenQ Chronicles, tech stuff and other stuff like that will be moved to the ‘limit.

Here you can find the next episode of the BenQ Chronicles and that means it’s “…End of line.” for BenQ on this blog, so I won’t be bugging you about that on here anymore.

I have received some new stuff today, but because of the absense of my camera and the absense of the stuff itself at the place where I am now (at work) I will be blogging about that a bit later.
And I will also blog about some other things I promised before like a Duck Hunting night at the bikeshop near the trainstation in Weert. Stay tuned for another episode of… ZHOOIBAAL!

…End of line.


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  1. good name geeklimit 😀

    Comment by Qwerty Maniac — 04 May 2006 @ 18:49000000

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