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19 April 2006

Virtua Cop, Sega Rally, Robotica and more Duck Hunt

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Another happy day today, except for the BenQ stuff…
A nice package containing more stuff for my Saturn arrived today. It contained Virtua Cop, Sega Rally Championship, Robotica and a lightgun.

Virtua Cop

Virtua Cop is an on-rails shooter. In case of the Saturn version as well as the original Sega Model 2 arcade version the player uses a lightgun to control the action. Allthough you can’t really speak of control… You just shoot the enemies on the screen with the gun in your hands.
The graphics are quite good for the Saturn, but ofcourse they are no match for the graphics of the original arcade version. But even with the Saturn having inferior specs when compared to the arcade machine, this game runs really smooth and looks really nice and it is tough, very tough.

Sega Rally Championship

Another Model 2 arcade game ported to the Saturn with cut down graphics. It suffers from quite a lot of pop-up, but it still looks very acceptable and this game runs far better on the Saturn than Daytona USA. I also think the controls of this game are better than the controls in Daytona USA and the car handling seems more responsive and the cars don’t tend to slide away at every slight turn. But even then, this game is very hard in the beginning.
Another plus is that this one has a 2 player option, something I really missed in Daytona USA and even while the graphics are cut down compared to the arcade version, this game looks better than Daytona USA. Easy choice on which one to play I guess 😀


Now here is a different story. This is NOT a Model 2 conversion, but a Saturn original which I haven’t found on any other system as of yet. It’s a first person shooter game with nice graphics, pretty bad sound effects, lot’s of slowdown issues, a crappy storyline, repeatative level design, but yet a good atmosphere to back it up and despite all it’s flaws it’s actually a very enjoyable game.
The worst thing about this game is that it doesn’t have a save option. Just like with oldies like Super Mario Bros. you can’t save and have to start all over every time you play, which brings me back to it’s repeatative level design. The levels of the this game all look the same. Square room after square room, the same enemies over and over again and every few levels they switched texturesets. Not too brilliant, but some gameplay features make up to this.
You can’t only walk around and shoot stuff, your vehicle (yes, you play from within a vehicle called the Laocorn) can hover, speed up, activate plasma shields, fire special lasers and heal itself with the use of reactor energy which isn’t quite endless. Saying that it’s scarce is a better description, you’ll have to be carefull with using your reactor energy. And besides that this game (ofcourse) offers several different weapons for you to use. Weapons like a Vulcan cannon, laser gun and rockets are amoung the arsenal and they all prove to be very effective against both single enemies and groups.
Allthough this game suffers from severe slowdown almost all of the time, this game is still better playable than for instance Doom and Alien Trilogy. Both Doom and Alien Trilogy suffer from slowdown issues, allthough Alien Trilogy isn’t as bad as Doom when it comes to that, these games require to be running smooth because of the gameplay speed. Robotica’s gameplay doesn’t seem to suffer that much from it’s graphical slowdown as you won’t very often face more than 3 enemies at once and the movement speed is relatively slow and so are the enemies.
Now, if this was a PC shooter I wouldn’t have the ability to enjoy this game at all. A PC shooter should be fast moving, fast action. On a game console it’s different. The controller simply isn’t very suitable for such fast first person action, so the games have to be adapted to that, Robotica is, it’s slow enough to be able to control is very good and it’s not too slow, so it stays interesting to play.
I think Robotica will be a game that I’m going to play every once in a while to kill some time, for, let’s say, 30 minutes in a row max.


Here are a few pics of the games’ covers.
Virtua CopSega Rally Championship and Robotica

The lightgun

Virtua Cop came with a lightgun. The ad said that the gun wasn’t in a very good condition; the trigger wasn’t good, but I haven’t yet noticed anything apart from the trigger being pulled backward a little far and that you have to pull it back even further to fire, but it does work and it’s nothing you notice during use.
Something that did surprise me was it’s size, this thing is frickin’ huge! I thought the G-Con for the good old Playstation was big, untill I saw this one, holy crap.
Anyway, it’s very lightweight and easy to hold, but when using it for an extended period of time you will notice how heavy your arms actually are.
Here are 2 shots of it, one including myself.
Sega Saturn lightgunMe and my gun

Duck Hunt!

I did mention something about Duck Hunt, didn’t I? Well, a little while ago I took my NES, the Zapper and Duck Hunt with me to my new weekend job. I work as a clerk at a bikeshop at the trainstation in Weert (Limburg, the Netherlands). Here I have to give people tickets to safely put their bike inside, have them pay when they leave and take back their tickets, rent out bikes to people who would want that and tell people that I don’t repair bikes myself.
In other words, I don’t have enough to do to keep me busy all day, so I bring something to keep me busy, the NES it is. A few friends came over and joined in, allthough only Tim and I actually played (and Mark, but that session doesn’t count). Here are a few pictures that were taken that day.
TimMarkMeMeMeThe setuptv shot

…End of line.



  1. Probably a silly question, but which one do you like more, Duck Hunt or Virtua Cop? Virtua Cop is one of the only big Saturn games that I have NEVER played – I did see it in the arcades once. It looked stunning at the time. Virtua Cop 2 is supposed to be even better.

    Oh, and I don’t think you’re giving Sega Rally on Saturn enough credit. Sure enough, it doesn’t even look close to the Model 2 arcade game, but it makes stunning use of the Saturn’s hardware, and is lightyears beyond the DISGRACEFUL Saturn port Daytona.

    At the time, rally games weren’t all that popular – Sega Rally paved the way for Colin McRae Rally and cohorts. Probably Mizuguchi’s greatest game ever, next to Lumines and Rez. Too bad Sega Rally 2006 on PS2 really sucks ass – it’s as if they didn’t care anymore. (oh, and Tetsuya Mizuguchi has left Sega for a long time now, so he wasn’t able to help – his new studio is called Q Entertainment)

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 20 April 2006 @ 17:41000000

  2. I don’t care too much about technical achievement, I judge on playability and I compare games to similar games on the same system and from the same time and thus I conclude that Sega Rally Championship is far superior to Daytona USA because of smoother gameplay, better graphics and better controls. But like almost all available arcade games and arcade game ports, it is very tough to beat.

    As for Virtua Cop, I like it a lot, but I can’t calibrate the lightgun properly on my TV. It simply refuses to fire at the bottom of the screen. The rest of the screen seems ok, but I can’t hit anything in the bottom, as soon as I get into the lower 3 or 4cm of the screen it reloads instead of fires which means that there are some enemies that I can never hit and thus will always hit me.
    So for the time being I prefer playing Duck Hunt, that gun doesn’t have any aiming issues and is even lighter to hold 😛

    Comment by zhooibaal — 20 April 2006 @ 19:38000000

  3. aah those good old 8bit days! Mario! 😀

    I used to waste evenings shoot ducks on my now-lost console… I played VCop on PC tho…

    Havent played robotica or rally yet, maybe one of my friends has some console hidden somewhere, lemme ask him to dig it out for a session of mario and luigi 😀

    Comment by Qwerty Maniac — 04 May 2006 @ 18:47000000

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