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29 June 2006

Some delayed birthday presents!

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My buddy Daniel forgot to bring his present when he came over to my birthday party, but he promised me he would give it to me at a later time and, keeping his promise, he brought his present to our “graduation ceremony”. I write that between “”- signs, because it wasn’t all that much of a spectacular ceremony… Which distracts me from my current subject! I graduated from MBO-4 ICT Beheerder! In English that would be MBO-4 ICT Administrator! I can now officially create a small subnetted internetwork with my CCNA1 through 4 (Cisco Certified Networking Asociate) certification, I officially know how to use a computer due to my ECDL (European Computer DriversLicence) and IT-ESS (IT Essentials) and I officially know how to set up and control a service desk using the ITIL principles! YAY! Allthough I have no real industrial CCNA certification, I have a seperate certification for each semester of the CCNA course.

Which all means the following:


Anyway, I was talking about something completely different, more important than graduating 😛

Daniel payed back his mistake of not bringing anything to my birthday party in double weight: he got me 2 presents! 2? yeah 2! Here are 2 pictures of what he got me:
Project RubBurnout Legends
As you can read here, I recently got a Nintendo DS-Lite and what is a Nintendo DS-Lite without games? That’s right, it’s nothing, so he got me some!

Read about Burnout Legends.
Read about Project Rub.

Daniel, thanks again!

…End of line.


25 June 2006


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A small update here, won’t make this post too long.

I have added a page on the top menubar called Reviews.
Before today, I just posted a review of a game that I bought simply on the blog, but because this makes the posts very long I have decided to move my reviews to a seperate page. The few ones that were allready present will be left on their original place as well as on a new page for themselves under Reviews. New reviews will only be posted on this page and linked to from the blog.

…End of line.

24 June 2006

Nintendo DS-Lite

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I wanted a DS from the day it was released, but never actually bought one… So now I finally decided to go and get one when the DS-Lite was being released. Officially it was being released on June 23 this year, but it was allready being actively sold on June 21 and I got mine on June 22 (my very own birthday) as my own birthday present.

Now I have it I can say only one thing: I LOVE IT! The quality of the screens is very good, the brightness is very good and can be adjusted to your personal preference. It can play both DS and GBA games. So I won’t need to bring my GBA SP when I want to be able to play those old games as well and they look quite a bit better on the DS as well.

I got 2 games with it:

  1. Animal Crossing: Wild World
  2. Brain Training

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing is a cute little game in which you are a little guy (or girl, whatever you choose) and you live in a small town which you can give a name to yourself.
You can go out on a stroll, you can pick fruit from trees, you can talk to the other people (who are animals, hence the name of the game), you can work for people to earn money, you can buy stuff to decorate your house and so on and so on.
I don’t think there is really a point to all this and that is what makes it so funny to play, you just do your thing and it’s all very peacefull and funny. No real goals to achieve, no quests, no nothing! You just walk around, talk to people, try to make money, buy stuff with that money and so on. When playing a little longer you can unlock the multiplayer friendkey feature though, so that is something you’ll have to achieve 😛
With a friendkey you can invite a friend to come over to your town and do stuff there together, or you can be invited to visit someone else’s town and that is what it’s all about; the multiplayer feature.
All in all, I really like this game allthough it might be considered a kiddy game, but who cares about that anyway? It says ages 3 and up and I definetly fit into that catagory with my 22 years on this planet. It still means that I’m above 3 years 😀

Brain Training

Brain Training
Whoever expected that making stupid simple math problems and reading out loud would be great fun? I didn’t at first, untill I played the demo version of Brain Training. This must be on of the most original games of the past decade. No fancy graphics, no fancy effects, no spectacular action sequences… Just a math problem on 1 screen and a writing area on the other for the solution. Or a piece of text you have to read out loud on one screen and the result of the speech recognition on the other. It’s a simple as that and it’s all supposed to stimulate the brain to enhance your memory and stuff like that. I don’t know if it really works, but for some reason is really fun to do.
If you want to get a crazy game for you DS and you don’t have this one, go get it sparky!

And the DS-Lite itself

Ofcourse, where would I be with those game without having a DS? Well, like I said, I got a DS-Lite on my birthday and I love it. There are a white and a black version and I have the black one. Not much to tell about it though, just look at the pictures. Oh yeah, I also got some accesories like a carrycase and a screenprotector. I failed to apply a screenprotector to the upper screen, but that one isn’t that exposed to damage anyway, it’s the toughscreen that will damage the quickest, and luckely I managed to apply the screenprotector to that one. In the pictures it seems that it’s pretty bad looking with the screenprotector applied, but that’s only in the pictures, in real life it looks great and you don’t even notice the protector is there while playing, except for the fact that the touchscreen is a littlebit less sensitive this way, but still good enough.
Here are the pics:
DS closedDS openDS onDS carrycase
My apologies for the third picture which is really blurry, but my camera would adjust properly to it when the device was turned on, it looks a lot sharper in real life 😛

…End of line.

Birthday Party!!!

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So, yesterday I had my birthday party, one day after my birthday. Thursday isn’t such a great day for a party, so I simply moved it to friday! I invited some friends, they brought stuff, drank beer (or coke or some other softdrink stuff) and we all had a good time. At least I had a good and that’s what matters 😛

Anyway, my mom used my camera to take some pictures during the party, not too many, so I’ll just post them all.
Birthday Party 01Birthday Party 02Birthday Party 03Birthday Party 04Birthday Party 05Birthday Party 06

I also got some stuff from some people, like this:
The basket of beer on the left is the one I got from my friends and the other one was given to me by my boss (thanks!).

And this:
Stage FigureStage Figure Box
This is a classic Super Mario Bros. Stage Figure from Nintendo. I got this one from my classmate Josefien (insert link to Josefien’s blog here). I love it!

And ofcourse the birthday cards:

I also got this airpressure foam rocket launching thingy from my brother (Swen) and his girlfriend (Famke), old fashion kiddy fun! My mom also took a few pics of that, but with the other camera (with film…) so not yet postable (is that a word?), will follow.

Thanks to Daniel, David, David, Dennis, Famke, Frank, Jojanneke, Josefien, Michiel, Swen, Tim, Tinka and ofcourse my mom and dad for being there and giving me stuff!

…End of line.

22 June 2006

Getting old…

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Today (thursday june 22, 2006) was my birthday! Got a few hours off at work and everyone was delighter when I brought some waffles and whipped cream 😛

But anyway, so now I’m 22 years old and I also got some presents:

  • Cash, from most people so far, my birthday party will be tomorrow evening
  • A beer package, from my boss, great guy
  • A Nintendo DS Lite, from myself (:P), I’ll blog about this one tomorrow or maybe this weekend, when I had some more time to play around with it. I love it allready 😀

So ehm… Yeah well… Nothing more to write about right now… Good evening.

…End of line.

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