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24 June 2006

Birthday Party!!!

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So, yesterday I had my birthday party, one day after my birthday. Thursday isn’t such a great day for a party, so I simply moved it to friday! I invited some friends, they brought stuff, drank beer (or coke or some other softdrink stuff) and we all had a good time. At least I had a good and that’s what matters 😛

Anyway, my mom used my camera to take some pictures during the party, not too many, so I’ll just post them all.
Birthday Party 01Birthday Party 02Birthday Party 03Birthday Party 04Birthday Party 05Birthday Party 06

I also got some stuff from some people, like this:
The basket of beer on the left is the one I got from my friends and the other one was given to me by my boss (thanks!).

And this:
Stage FigureStage Figure Box
This is a classic Super Mario Bros. Stage Figure from Nintendo. I got this one from my classmate Josefien (insert link to Josefien’s blog here). I love it!

And ofcourse the birthday cards:

I also got this airpressure foam rocket launching thingy from my brother (Swen) and his girlfriend (Famke), old fashion kiddy fun! My mom also took a few pics of that, but with the other camera (with film…) so not yet postable (is that a word?), will follow.

Thanks to Daniel, David, David, Dennis, Famke, Frank, Jojanneke, Josefien, Michiel, Swen, Tim, Tinka and ofcourse my mom and dad for being there and giving me stuff!

…End of line.


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