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29 June 2006

Some delayed birthday presents!

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My buddy Daniel forgot to bring his present when he came over to my birthday party, but he promised me he would give it to me at a later time and, keeping his promise, he brought his present to our “graduation ceremony”. I write that between “”- signs, because it wasn’t all that much of a spectacular ceremony… Which distracts me from my current subject! I graduated from MBO-4 ICT Beheerder! In English that would be MBO-4 ICT Administrator! I can now officially create a small subnetted internetwork with my CCNA1 through 4 (Cisco Certified Networking Asociate) certification, I officially know how to use a computer due to my ECDL (European Computer DriversLicence) and IT-ESS (IT Essentials) and I officially know how to set up and control a service desk using the ITIL principles! YAY! Allthough I have no real industrial CCNA certification, I have a seperate certification for each semester of the CCNA course.

Which all means the following:


Anyway, I was talking about something completely different, more important than graduating 😛

Daniel payed back his mistake of not bringing anything to my birthday party in double weight: he got me 2 presents! 2? yeah 2! Here are 2 pictures of what he got me:
Project RubBurnout Legends
As you can read here, I recently got a Nintendo DS-Lite and what is a Nintendo DS-Lite without games? That’s right, it’s nothing, so he got me some!

Read about Burnout Legends.
Read about Project Rub.

Daniel, thanks again!

…End of line.



  1. Just as was to be expected, the PSP version of Burnout Legends looks (and probably plays) much better. It strikes me as one of those typical multiplatform releases, like Ridge Racer, where they didn’t quite know what to do with the DS version.

    Glad you liked Project Rub. As you’re probably aware of, there’s also a sequel, Rub Rabbits. It’s about a month old by now in Europe.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 30 June 2006 @ 21:43000000

  2. what is a Nintendo DS-Lite without games?

    Comment by polthemol — 04 July 2006 @ 15:33000000

  3. That would be just an empty gaming device which is rendered useless by the fact that there is nothing to run on it… Was that so hard?

    Urgh… You idiot…

    Comment by zhooibaal — 04 July 2006 @ 18:40000000

  4. You could always ‘play’ (?) Pictochat. Playing Pictochat could be a good replacement for a MSN account with an empty friends list.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 05 July 2006 @ 0:20000000

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