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04 July 2006

Sega, it’s Mega!

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Last saturday, july 1st, my buddy Frank van Gent brought me this very nice piece of old videogame console hardware which we had agreed on me taking it over for €20,00 (nice price :D).
Frank is a dj over at GamesFM.nl, he has his own show there called Mad Rock which is dedicated solely to heavy rock and metal and broadcasts every monday and thursday from 22:00h till 24:00h local time (GMT+1). You can listen to it here.

Please note that GamesFM is a Dutch internet radiostation, so any talking will be in Dutch.

Anyway, the hardware he got me is nothing less than a Sega Megadrive 2 (hence the title of the post) bundled with 2 controllers, the Menacer package and 8 games. Sonic 3 came bundled with the console as well. The Sega Megadrive may be better known as the Sega Genesis in the USA.

The MegaDrive itself looks very clean and is in a great working condition and so are the controllers:
MegaDrive 2 boxMegaDrive 2MegaDrive 2 controllers

Then there is the Menacer, which was Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Super Scope for the SNES. I don’t have that one yet, but I’m sure that’ll get one sometime in the future.
The Menacer, unlike the Super Scope, can be taken apart to use it for different types of games. You can use it as a single handed handgun by using only the base unit. You can also use it as a 2 handed rifle by attaching the stabilizer part to make it rest against your shoulder or you can even use it as a sniper, like the Super Scope, by attaching both the stabilizer and the binocular module.
As you can probably allready understand, the Menacer is quite versatile, but unfortunatly, it doesn’t work perfectly on my TV set. This is probably due to the fact that my TV is 100hz and should be 50hz for the Menacer to funciton properly, just like the lightgun for my Saturn which is found in this post (the large blue gun). Allthough the Menacer suffers a lot less from the 100hz than that Saturn lightgun does, it’s still noticable that it’s not very accurate on it. Sometimes (with the onscreen crosshair turned on) you can see your aim jumping around the screen from time to time.
I don’t think the Menacer is very good looking either… To be more precise, I think it’s friggin’ ugly, but that doesn’t matter, it works and it’s cool 😛
Menacer boxMenacer disassembledMenacer assembled

And last but not least, the games:
MegaDrive games
I have yet only played Menacer and Virtua Racing. Mortal Kombat and Sonic probably don’t need an introduction, but Eternal Champions kind of does. I hadn’t ever heard of this game before and found out that it is a 2D beat ’em up, but I haven’t yet played it.
Menacer just is a collection of 6 simple games that are controller with, oh yeah, the Menacer. 5 of them involve shooting at stuff with the Menacer, but one of them doesn’t. In one game you controll a ball and you have to bump another ball to the wall to turn the color of the piece of the wall you hit. Once they’re all turned, you win and go to the next level. In this game the Menacer acts like a primitive type of motiontracking controller.

And finally, here is a picture of me holding the fully assembled Menacer:
Me holding the Menacer
Frank, thanks again and don’t forget to come over for a game of Virtua Racing sometime soon!

…End of line.



  1. Your buddy was quite the Mortal Kombat fan. 🙂

    In all seriousness, parts 1, 2 and 3 were pretty good (at least I like to think so).

    Virtua Racing is an interesting title – the graphics are nothing to shout about today, but back then, this port of the arcade needed extra horsepower the Genesis didn’t have.

    So what did they do? Simple. Include a RISC processor inside the cartridge that communicates directly to the Genesis’ 68000 main CPU. The Virtua Racing RISC CPU, dubbed Sega Virtual Processor (SVP) , runs at (about) 21MHz. By comparison, the Genesis’ own CPU runs at a weakly 7MHz.

    This was Sega’s answer to the SuperFX – another RISC CPU that was put inside the Star Fox cartridge to help the SNES render polygons on the screen. (because the SNES’ weak 3.58MHz 65c816 CPU couldn’t handle much of anything, let alone 100 polygons per second)

    There’s also a Saturn version of Virtua Racing. Neither comes close to the arcade version (which is Model 1). For a close to arcade perfect version, there’s a PlayStation2 version of Virtua Racing.

    Anyway, sorry to bore you. Have fun with your Mega Drive! Pity he didn’t give you Sonic & Knuckles as well. But overall, that’s quite a lot of value for 20 Euros. Steal!

    Comment by danieldematteis — 05 July 2006 @ 0:17000000

  2. Uber man! 🙂 I will come play this vacation anytime soon 😀

    Comment by Mad Woody — 05 July 2006 @ 17:58000000

  3. I just asked him about Sonic & Knuckles; they lost that one someday and never found it again… To bad, it’s a very interesting cartridge as it seems. It’s an Add-On to Sonic 3; the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge has another cartidge slot where you must insert Sonic 3 to use it.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 05 July 2006 @ 18:04000000

  4. It also works on Sonic 2 and 1 – in Sonic 2, you can play as Knuckles instead of Sonic. Knuckles can fly, whereas Sonic can’t. This entails that Knuckles can reach certain areas that Sonic never could.

    Sonic 1 has no such extra features. What it does do, however, is randomly generate some bonus stages from Sonic 3.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 06 July 2006 @ 0:42000000

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