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01 August 2006

External prevails when internal fails

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Since the past few weeks I’ve been having some trouble with the PCI IDE controller which was installed in SlashDev (SlashDev page updated) and eventually it failed due to some minor overheating. You should know that the temperatures outside have been varying between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius during the past week and my room is in the attic, so my room had about full-sun-access for as long as the day lasted resulting in pretty extreme high temperatures inside. The result of that is naturally that my computer wasn’t able to get rid of it’s heat anymore which made the temperature at the inside of the case rise up to around 60 degrees Celsius and then when I started copying from both harddisks that are connected to the integrated IDE controller to both of the harddisks that were connected to the PCI IDE controller it couldn’t take it anymore resulting in an IDE controller failure.

I turned off my computer to give it a little chance to cool down and booted it again a few hours later to analyse the damage that was done. No damage to the harddisks themselves apparently, but the PCI IDE controller had become pretty unstable and thus it had become useless.

So then I decided I was going to remove 2 harddisks from my pc and use them as external drives and today I could pick up the USB harddisk enclosures required to do this. At first I wanted to get network attached harddisk enclosures, but I couldn’t find any for a reasonable price. They were either way too expensive or they weren’t what I was looking for at all, like a Dynalink NAS solution for 4 IDE or SATA harddisk drives; that would be just a very little bit of overkill in this case.

Anyway, the units I got are both from the brand Conceptronic and I got the Grab ‘n Go Hard Disk.
I think the units look very nice and their colours fit in really well with my PC case and my primary screen. But the looks aren’t the most important ofcourse. The performance, that’s what it’s all about and that is where I am very satisfied too. It even seems that the transferspeeds are better than before, but I can’t be completely sure there yet as I haven’t yet measured it. There are no fans installed in the units, so there is no additional noise beside the harddisk rattling itself.
The only weird thing is that the adaptors are pretty noisy. They both make somekind of buzzing noise. None of my other adaptors make such noises at all and believe me, I have a lot of adaptors. But if that is the worst I am very pleased with this product.

And last but not least, a few images, the first is one of the enclures witout it’s foot, the second one is the same enclosure standing on it’s foot, the third one it both of the enclosures while operating and the fourth one is basicly the same as the third one, but then without using the flash on my camera.
External hdd without it's footExternal hdd on it's footExternal hdd activeExternal hdd active (no flash)

…End of line.


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