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08 August 2006

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Last saturday (5-8-2006) I went to Replay Videogames in Weert (Limburg, NL) together with my buddy Daniel from DDM-YAB and both he and I picked up some games while we were there, I got 3, of which 2 are NDS cartridges:

  1. Atari Retro
  2. Super Princess Peach (Japanese import)

Atari Retro is a collection of 10 classic Atari games: Pong, Tempest, Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Warlords, Breakout, Sprint, Gravitar and Lunar Lander. All of the games are available in both classic and remix mode, but remix mode is nothing more than a graphical overhaul and mostly kills the original feel of the game, so I prefer to play in classic mode. Some of the games (Pong, Sprint and Warlords) also offer a mutliplayer feature to play against friends.

I am not that greatly interested in Super Princess Peach, but because this involved the Japanese version, I couldn’t resists on buying it and I must say that this game is actually good fun to play, even if you don’t understand a word of it. I can’t read any of the texts, I can’t read the manual and using the various bonus stuff is impossible, simply because I have no idea what to do, because I can’t read any of it… But playing the game isn’t all that difficult, in fact, it’s really easy. The 4 icons in the bottom screen affect Peach’s mood and with that you can activate various special abilities like floating, crying, burning really angry etc. There is no text needed to explain how that works, it simply explains itself with the icons.

But, aren’t that only 2 games? Well yes, but the third one is of a completely different class, because that one isn’t something for some modern handheld. In fact, it’s Ski or Die for the NES, ahhhh, the memories. I used to play this game on my parents’ PC when I was little and all I can remember about it was that it was extremely cool. I haven’t yet tried out the NES version, but I’m pretty sure that it’s awsome.

And one last thing for this blog entry, I also got 3 “new” games for my Sega Saturn, but because Daniel had my AV cable I couldn’t yet try them. I got the cable back from him last saturday, but haven’t had the time yet to try them, so I’ll blog about those later. The 3 games are:

…End of line.


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  1. I have yet to play Super Princess Peach – didn’t know it was so heavily text based, though. Interesting to note about the game is that it is not really developed by Nintendo itself. Nintendo outsourced the game to a developer called TOSE.

    What TOSE does is taking on assignments from various companies that do not have the manpower, time or resources to develop the games themselves. They are usually not listed on the game’s packaging – judging by the boxart from Super Princess Peach that you posted, they weren’t listed on SPP’s box either. (see if you can make out their name on the back of the box, though.)

    Anyway, it doesn’t mean the game is bad if it has been outsourced, but it’s far to say Nintendo would have been able to do a better job. The same goes for Yoshi’s Island 2 (currently in development for the DS). Again, this is another game Nintendo outsourced to a developer-for-hire, this time Artoon. (makers of Blinx and a terrible Yoshi game on the GBA)

    Oh, and regarding Panzer Dragoon: it’s a great game. But the real highlight is the third game in the series: Panzer Dragoon Saga on the Saturn. I paid an absolute fortune for it on eBay (about 350 guilders at the time, yes I was that mad), but it’s worth every penny. Unlike Panzer Dragoon 1, Zwei and Orta, it’s an RPG with action game elements. It’s a considerably deeper game than its forebears and XBox successor.

    It’s a bit hard to justify the steep price (PDS was made in limited quantities, and to make matters worse, it was one of the last games to be released on the Saturn; the system was already near extinction in the West, and to top it all off, the Dreamcast was just announced.)

    Comment by danieldematteis — 09 August 2006 @ 21:37000000

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