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11 August 2006

Uberfighter: the game is done!

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It’s now 11:17h, but the game was finished a few minutes ago. Read all about it here.

You can download the game here and it’s called UberFighter.

At this moment I don’t feel like writing any more stuff on here… I’m FUBAR…

…End of line…



  1. You know, with a bit of spit and polish (well, actually, it will need lots of it), this could turn into a nice Pit Fighter-like title.

    While I believe it’s not your intention to develop on this further, here’s what I would suggest:
    * Timer
    * Fatalities
    * Combo system
    * Unique special moves per character
    * Collision detection

    Those few things alone, when implemented properly, would make a world of difference.

    Anyway, quite impressive what you managed to knock up in 24 hours! Reminds me of the old days when a John Carmack or Peter Molyneux would spend a whole day working on some stupid little concept demo that would turn into a Wolfenstein 3D/Populous. (oh well, this one is obviously more derivative, but nevertheless).

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 11 August 2006 @ 18:09000000

  2. Thanks,

    Fatalaties and a combo system were on the planned features list as well as the double healthbars that were mentioned earlier before, but were scraped because of a lack of time.

    But we’re pretty satisfied with the result anyway and it was great fun to create it.
    We took the all pictures in the afternoon, beginning with the LegoMAN pictures which I did alone and then the other characters and after that, when it started to get dark I spent all evening, night and morning on editing all these pictures to make them useable in a simple Windows GDI sprite engine.
    I can assure you that that is one hell of a job and allthough not all pictures are perfect, I’m quite satisfied with them.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 12 August 2006 @ 0:10000000

  3. It also makes you respect how well the stop-motion animation in Mortal Kombat 1-3 was implemented.

    The double health bars idea I take it you got from Killer Instinct?

    If the person writing the engine has a decent 2D sidescrolling engine on the cards, I’ve got lots of nice concept ideas for a shooter in the vein of Metal Slug. It would be a continuous world (i.e. you can go back and revisit previously explored areas) like Super Metroid and the later Castlevania’s, but instead of those two titles, it’s all about shooting everything that moves, Metal Slug-style.

    We should get together and spin around some crazy ideas for a great 2D game: should be great.

    Comment by danieldematteis — 12 August 2006 @ 17:10000000

  4. The double healthbar was my idea and I haven’t ever actually played Killer Instinct. It was more like inspired by One Must Fall 2097 which used one healthbar for the condition of the HAR (the robot) and one bar for the mental condition of the pilot.

    We have plans to create another game with stop-motion graphics, but this time it won’t run on Windows GDI, but on DirectX, which will prove to be much more efficient, but it won’t be a MetalSlug like sidescroller.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 13 August 2006 @ 17:42000000

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