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04 September 2006


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A new schoolyear has started and so did my new study course. As you could have read here I graduated from my previous school and now I’m going to Hogeschool Zuyd which is located in Heerlen (NL) to attend to the Network Infrastructure Design course which will last approximatly 3 years.

But as the title of this entry states, I’m not going to rant about school, I’m going to tell you about something a friend pointed me to and it’s called Browzar and the friend who pointed me to it has also been mentioned here before. It’s Frank from Gamesfm.nl. He’s the one I got my Sega Megadrive 2 and the Menacer from and he was also involved in the making of Uberfighter.

Let’s get to the point; Browzar is an internet browser and probably the pronounciating of Browzar will be the same as browser. But what’s so special about Browzar? Well, a few things:

  • it’s tiny (264KB)
  • it leaves no evidence of browsing
  • it tracks no cookies
  • it saves no temporary files
  • You don’t need to install anything

And that’s about it. It’s very simple to use, you have you’re usuals address bar, a few browsing buttons like next, back and home. You can print the current page with the printer button and ofcourse you can stop a page from loading by pressing the stop button or reload the page by pushing the reload button. In addition to that there is a search field next to the address field to save you the trouble of first browsing to a searchengine page.
There are no configuration options available whatsoever, so you can just start it and use it without going through tons of dialog windows before it works. And despite it’s simplicity there is a help menu present. The options in the help menu will make the browser navigate to the Browzar website to the corresponding page you requested.
Thanks to it’s very small size it loads extremely fast and because there are hardly any options integrated, the process of loading stuff on a page is also very fast.
The fact that you don’t need to install it is particularly usefull if you want to use it on other pc’s than your own. Like at school they only have Internet Explorer, so I can use Browzar at school which I can store on my mobile harddrive or USB stick. Simply put the Browzar executable on it and it works. It has only 1 file, so you can’t forget any files it might need to work except for the executable.
And the last good thing about Browzar is that it automatically blocks all popups. Which can be disabled from the menu.

Browzar is available in 2 different styles; black:

And silver:

As you can see in the last screenshot, Browzar is available for more than just Windows. It is also available for Linux and Mac OS X.

My conclusion is that I really like Browzar and because of it’s limited featureset it can be well used to avoid several annoying things that are implemented on various sites, beit clean (read: legal) or dirty (read: illegal) sites.

As far as I’m concerned there is only one minor drawback attached to Browzar and that is the lack of a favorites feature. But such a feature would require Browzar to save something to a file, which is doesn’t do with anything, so that would compromise one of it’s most treasured features: the privacy. If you really want to have all your favorites with you, you could write a little HTML page which you open with browzar which contains links to all your favorite websites. Problem solved 😛

Thanks Frank!

…End of line.


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