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02 October 2006

Moving… Again…

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Did you notice that I hadn’t been posting for over 2 weeks? That’s actually pretty bad, so I think I’ll have to apologize for that. But anyway, in the meantime I’ve been working on something new and as of today, my new domainname has been registered and activated and almost all is set and ready to go.

From now on I’ll continue what I’ve been doing here over there (that made sense, didn’t it?), so I’d say you update your bookmarks and change zhooibaal.wordpress.com into www.pingwing.us!

I didn’t write my own template for my custom wordpress installation and I also didn’t write any plugins for it, but I did take some time to customize it too my needs. I altered the menubar a little, added a script to randomly pick a header image and I’ve been playing around with the code of a script (lightbox) that is integrated in the fGallery plugin, which has also been altered to work with the theme I chose, which all gives it just that extra touch to be seperated from the large pack of custom wordpress isntallations.

In the meantime, not really much happened except for the fact that I’ve had my very first ever live gig with my own band last weekend of which I will post a full report soon on my new site and I’m also working on a fully updated videogameslist as well as a fully updated hardware list. The only thing that is currently still missing is a page for my PC’s…

Anyway, go take a look, I’ll grab back to this blog if something might go wrong over at my host… Which doesn’t seem to be that reliable… Which I found out about after making the payment…

Anyway, to get an impression on what it looks like before you rush over there, here’s a shot:

…End of line?


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