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02 October 2006

Moving… Again…

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Did you notice that I hadn’t been posting for over 2 weeks? That’s actually pretty bad, so I think I’ll have to apologize for that. But anyway, in the meantime I’ve been working on something new and as of today, my new domainname has been registered and activated and almost all is set and ready to go.

From now on I’ll continue what I’ve been doing here over there (that made sense, didn’t it?), so I’d say you update your bookmarks and change zhooibaal.wordpress.com into www.pingwing.us!

I didn’t write my own template for my custom wordpress installation and I also didn’t write any plugins for it, but I did take some time to customize it too my needs. I altered the menubar a little, added a script to randomly pick a header image and I’ve been playing around with the code of a script (lightbox) that is integrated in the fGallery plugin, which has also been altered to work with the theme I chose, which all gives it just that extra touch to be seperated from the large pack of custom wordpress isntallations.

In the meantime, not really much happened except for the fact that I’ve had my very first ever live gig with my own band last weekend of which I will post a full report soon on my new site and I’m also working on a fully updated videogameslist as well as a fully updated hardware list. The only thing that is currently still missing is a page for my PC’s…

Anyway, go take a look, I’ll grab back to this blog if something might go wrong over at my host… Which doesn’t seem to be that reliable… Which I found out about after making the payment…

Anyway, to get an impression on what it looks like before you rush over there, here’s a shot:

…End of line?


14 September 2006

Do you know…?

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Here’s a question: “do you know the feeling you can get when a movie hits you where it almost hurts?”

There is no need to answer this question, it’s not in need of a answer, but if you haven’t there is seriously something you should consider doing:
go see “The Butterfly Effect”

No, I’m not advertising for this movie, but if you haven’t seen it, you can’t know what I’m talking about and you should simply go see it.

Back to the normal things of the day. It was just another day at school, nothing special. After our only class today I decided to go shopping with a classmate and another one joined in. I wanted to go and get myself a trackball. Then what do I need a trackball for? I have several mice lying around… Well, I want a trackball to take with me when I have my laptop with me (yes, still the BenQ POS, but this one actually seems to be doing really well afterall) and a trackball requires considerbly less space than a mouse does and it doesn’t make you hands go numb after a while which the touchpad does…
Anyway, we ended up going to the Mediamarkt in Heerlen (NL) and there we found out they didn’t have any and so we ended up browsing through the DVDs and there I found 2 most interesting titles:

  • Zombie Nation
  • The Butterfly Effect

Zombie Nation is actually a compilation of 3 classic zombie flicks:

  1. City of the Living Dead
  2. Tombs of the Blinddead
  3. Dawn of the Dead

We all know Dawn of the Dead by the legendary George A. Romero, but I haven’t ever seen the other 2, but I don’t think they need any explaination. It’s the other one I want to talk about.

The Butterlfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect is a chaos theory. It is said that a flapping butterfly can initiate a chainreaction of events that will utlimately be the cause of a hurricane on the other side of the world. So something really small can cause disaster and that is what this movie is all about.
Evan Tremore is a young and seemingly normal guy who suffered from serious blackouts during his youth. He simply lost parts of his memory. At some point he and his mother move out of town and then the story skips 7 years.
In case you didn’t notice, I’m going into any details here.
7 years later he’s a student living in a dormhouse together with his roommate Thumper (it’s his nickname, don’t know the guys real name, in the movie that is). When they both go out, Evan picks up this girl who at some point finds his journals he’s been writing from his 7th year of life and she urges him to read her a bit from it and at that moment, when he starts reading, everthing blurs up and he passes out and you get to see what he’s dreaming. He’s actually dreaming a part of his youth where he blacked out. When he wakes up his new found girlfriend is obviously worried and he just walks out the room.
Later on he’ll find out that he can actually influence these “dreams” as they go and whatever he does in these dreams turns out to be real, so he’s actually going back in time with all his knowledge and he’s changing history.
That’s about all you need to know about the background story and it may seem to be not really interesting, but I can tell you this; this movie is so gripping, it’s the only movie I’ve ever seen that I couldn’t stop a tear from dripping out of my eyes. It’s drama how drama is supposed to be. It’s extreme surealistic, but the character of Evan seems so real that he simply drags you into his mind, you feel what he’s feeling, you see what he sees and you think what he’s thinking, yet you still don’t know what his next move will be.
I can’t describe how good this movie is except for the fact that it’s the only really good movie that Ashton Kutcher ever starred in and even that doesn’t give the movie enough credit. It’s utterly brilliant, that’s the only description possible, everything else is degrading. Whenever you hit the pause button on your remote to go to the bathroom, or to get yourself a drink or whatever makes you feel sorry for not being able to continue watching at that very moment; it’s really that good. Everything seems perfect in this movie, the acting, the setting, the story, the characters, everything and the situation just keeps going from bad to worse. But I’m allready saying too much, I won’t give away any more of the plot for those who haven’t yet seen this movie. And to those people: I command you all to either rent, buy, download, do whatever it takes to get this movie and watch it, you won’t regret it.

Shit, am I now turning into a movie critic? Nah…

…End of line.

Ps.: I’ll post images of the covers of both DVDs later, now I’m tired, need to sleep.

12 September 2006

10000 hits

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Today this blog has passed the magical number of 10000 hits since it was started on Januari 25th this year.

Now it isn’t all that impressive for a site to reach 10000 hits in nearly 9 months, but from the 1 or 2 hits I got every day back then I now get about 40 to 50 hits every day, which isn’t all that bad for a blog that isn’t actually updated on a daily basis. If I would enter a story, like, every day I’m sure I would get more hits than I do now, but what do I blog about if I don’t have anything to blog about? Now there’s a good question… I’m not someone who’s just going to rant about nothing just for the sake of it… I will only rant with a reason about something that I think is interesting and not just about any junk I find on the web or in a store or wherever.

Anyway, now I’m allready at it, I found this awsome little gadget over in a webshop in Germany… It’s actually an awfully expensive webshop, but that to the side, these things aren’t very easy to find, so I’m willing to pay a little extra EURO for that.
And what is this all about then eh? Eh? EEEEEH!?

Well, about this:

Source: www.wikipedia.org

Even though the shipping costs are relatively high and I don’t want to recommend this webshop to anyone because it’s really expensive when it comes to classic gaming stuff I won’t actually place a link here and I won’t file this under Bargain Hunting (hehe). All I need to do now is transfer the money and I’ll receive it shortly I hope… If I’m not being screwed over badly, but I’ll wait a little with doing that, just to prevent what I just wrote and if anyone can point me to a place where I can get one of these for a price below €21,95 with some extra shipping costs I would gladly hear it and I’ll ofcourse give you credit for it on this very blog.

…End of line.

01 September 2006

FlatOut 2

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FlatOut 2 logo
It’s been a while since I last posted something, sorry for that, but I haven’t felt like blogging lately… But this can’t be left unnoticed.
For the first time since a long time I’ve bought a recently released videogame. This time it’s FlatOut 2 for the PC platform (Windows XP to be exact). This is the sequel to FlatOut which was released in 2004 and it is a destruction-racing game like the good old Destruction Derby for the good old Playstation in 1995.
StarForce logo
On several forums all over the net there has been (and probably is still going) a discussion about the StarForce protection system. I haven’t participated in it myself, but it was going on the site of StarForce itself, the Daemons home and on the forums of several games it is used in including FlatOut 2. USA customers now consider themselves in luck for having a seperate release of FlatOut 2 which uses Securom 7 instead of StarForce 4 Frontline Pro. As for myself, I don’t really care, protection is protection and StarForce hasn’t given me any trouble whatsoever anyway. Where the old versions were controversial to say the least, this version even notifies the user of the installation of the protection drivers that are required for it to work and unlike the previous versions, these drivers are only active on demand and thus they won’t affect overall system performance like StarForce 3 did which came with games like Trackmania Sunrise and Psi-Ops: the Mindgate Conspiracy.

A good thing is that the StarForce drivers are upgradable and if you happen to own one the games that uses old StarForce protection and then install a new StarForce protected game after it, the drivers will be updated to the latest version (Frontline) and the old performance issues are eliminated while the older games still remain fully functional.

All in all, I think it’s all a bit overblown with this StarForce protection issue and people not buying games solely because of that while programs like Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% use similar technologies to evade protection instead of providing it.
For your information, Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% use rootkit technology to evade protection systems and just like these 2 StarForce uses rootkit technology to evade emulation software and protect the media that way. This means that both the protection software and the emulation software use hidden/invisible Windows registry keys to avoid detection and one very important thing to consider is that there is a difference between rootkit software and software that uses rootkit technology. Rootkit software is malicious software created to stay undetected while causing well meant damage while software that uses rootkit technology can’t always be defined as harmfull.
In my humble opinion, both the StarForce protection system and programs like Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% are NOT, I repeat, NOT harmfull software.

Anyway, I’ll be writing a review about FlatOut 2 soon and it’ll be added on the reviews page and a link will be added here too.

…End of line.

22 August 2006

The Benq Chronicles: the final chapter

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In my last Benq Chronicles post you could allready read that this dispute was nearing it’s end and now, finally, after more than 4 months, the replacement model finally arrived and I’ve called it Deimos MK2.

It’s a Benq Joybook A82 and it’s a littlebit better than the Joybook 8100D29 I had previously. It has a slightly faster CPU (1.6Ghz Pentium M instead of a 1.5Ghz Pentium M) and it has a superior graphics chip (ATI Mobility Radeon X600 instead of a ATI Mobility Radeon 9600).

As for the rest of it; it looks the same, it feels the same and it works the same. Now I hope it’ll last a bit longer and I’m still considering to sell it, but won’t do it right away.

But before I actually got this replacement model, I had to call Benq several times again. The first time the manager of the service center agreed to send me a replacement model and it would arrive within 2 weeks. After 2 weeks I called them again and then they told me I should get a repair number first! What?! Couldn’t they have told me that before I started waiting again? Bastards.
Anyway, I called the RMA-hotline again, got my number, a day later they called me again to set the date for the drop-off and it arrived in time.

Finally… End of line.

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