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The Saturn is the second home-console I bought. Released in 1994 in Japan and a year later in the USA and Europe, it’s one of the first 32 bit home-consoles. Despite it’s succes in Japan it never worked it’s way through Sony’s marketing machine for the Playstation resulting in a quick and silent death in these regions.


Processor: a Hitachi SH1 32-Bit RISC Motorola 68EC000 and a Hitachi SH2 32-Bit RISC @ 28.6MHz.
Memory: 2 MB (16 megabits) RAM, 1.54 MB (12 megabits) VRAM (Video RAM) and 540 KB (4 megabits) CD-ROM Cache.
VDP 1 Video Display Processor.
VDP 2 Video Display Processor System Control Unit.
352 x 240, 640 x 240 , 704 x 480 (Hi-Res).
Sprite, Polygon, and Rendering engine.
Dual 256 KB frame buffer for rotation and scaling.
Texture Mapping Gouraud Shading.
512 KB Cache for Textures.
200,000 Texture Mapped Polygons/Second.
500,000 Flat Shaded Polygons/Second.
Sound Processor SCSP Sound Processor.
Audio RAM 540 KB (4 megabits).
SCSP Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 22.6MHz.
Motorola 68EC000 sound processor 11.3MHz 32 PCM.
Channels 8 FM (Frequency Modulation).
Channels 44.1 KHz Sampling Rate.
CD-ROM (2X) 300 KB/Second Transfer Speed
Audio CD Compatible Optional
512 KB Memory Cartridge for Game Save
The cardtridge slot was firstly intended for use with Sega Genesis/Megadrive cardtridges with backward compatibility. This was later scraped and the cardtridge slot finally only served for memory expansion.
Source: www.retro-games.co.uk


Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn

Saturn Controller

Super Pad 8

Saturn Hyper Controller

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