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The Nintendo DS-Lite is an improved version of the Nintendo DS. The DS is Nintendo’s latest handheld and like anything that ever comes from Nintendo, it’s gameplay over graphical power. Like the Gamecube was inferior to the PS2 and XBox when it came to pure visual performance, but the quality of the games is what made the Gamecube such a great console. The same will go for the Wii, which is basicly a pumped version of the Gamecube and comes in no way anywhere near the graphical power of the XBox 360 and the PS3.
The DS can in no way compare to the graphical power of the PSP, but unlike the PSP, the DS does have inovative features; dualscreen, touchscreen, built in microphone and a speechrecognition engine. These features ultimately boost the DS far over the PSP’s level. Games like Braintraining, Phoenix Wright and Warioware Touched will be ultimatly impossible to recreate on the PSP despite it’s graphical superiority.

The DS-Lite has a few benefits over the old *phat* DS:

  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Sharper screens
  • Adjustable brightness


Processor: a 32-Bit ARM 9 (67 MHz) and a 32-Bit ARM 7 (33MHz)
Memory: 4MB
Display: upper: 3″ TFT; lower: 3″ TFT touchscreen; adjustable brightness
Video: 192×256 @ 260.000 colours (both screens)
Sound: built in stereo speakers; headphone jack
I/O: DC in; headphone jack; NDS gamecard slot; GBA gamecard slot; 802.11b (WiFi); microphone
Size: 133.0×73.9×21.5mm (closed)
Weight: 218g
Source: various


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