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I got my Gamegear for free together with my NGPC, the seller gave it to me, because it’s condition was (and still is) terrible and I was interested in it anyway.
The Gamegear is more or less a portable Mastersystem, internally it’s almost identical enabling developers to easely port Mastersystem titles to the Gamegear providing it with a pretty big games library and because of that it won the battle with Atari’s superior Lynx.

At the moment I have 2 Gamegears, one is crappy, bad screen and busted brightnessdial which has been replaced by a very bad POT meter by the previous owner. So that one is pretty much unusable whatsoever. And I have a good one which is working perferctly.


Processor: 8-bit Z80 processor running at 3.58 MHz
Memory: 24 Kb RAM
Display: 3.2 Inch LCD screen
Video: 160 x 144 pixel resolution, 32/4096 colors (simultanious/total available). 64 sprites and a sprite size of 8px x 8px.
Sound: Audio 4-lyr
Source: www.retro-games.co.uk


Crappy Gamegear
Sega Gamegear
Good Gamegear

…End of line.


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