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This rather strange handheld was the very first game console I ever had. It was released in 1997 by Watara. For Benelux and Germany it was released by Hartung Spiele Berlin. Hartung still exist, but no longer supports the SuperVision and I don’t know anything about Watara, google didn’t come up with any relevant results.
Being barely more powerfull than the Gameboy was, this handheld never stood a chance against the heavyweights. Together with that and it’s huge size and enormous weight, this also wasn’t the most portable handheld available and it was very power consuming.
It came in three different models: a Gameboy-like model and 2 different screen tilting models which were both considerably larger and heavier than their fixed counterpart. One even had 2 support feet on the back of the screen to be able to use it as a tabletop game. I have the one that does have a tilting screen, but doesn’t have those feet.


Processor: M65C02 8-bit VLSI @ 4 MHz
RAM/ROM: unconfirmed, for some reason this is unkown to the human world.
Video: 160×160 LCD grayscale. Not backlit.
Sound: 8 channel FM synthesiser, 7 channel stereo (PSG & PCM).
Other: DB9 connector for the link-port to link with other SuperVisions.

Not many other data is known about the SuperVision, [sarcasm]it is shrouded in mystery[/sarcasm]
Source: www.silicium.org



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