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Beyond Good and Evil (PC)

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Logo Beyond Good and Evil
Game: Beyond Good and Evil
Platform: Windows
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft

I was going through the bargain bin at Intertoys in Sittard (Limburg, the Netherlands) the other day and there I found the game called Beyond Good and Evil for PC. This game was also released for GameCube, Playstation 2 and XBox, so it isn’t really what you would call an exclusive title.

Beyond Good and Evil is a platform style game in which you play as Jade. Jade is a normal human girl with green lips and she is pretty acrobatic, a bit like Ms. Croft, but I prefer Jade over Lara simply because I hate the Tombraider series…

The story goes a bit like this: you live on the planet Hillys which is under attack from an alien force called the Domz. Luckely Hillys is being protected by an army called the Alpha Sections which kind of replaced the normal Hillyan army.
Unfortunatly the Alpha Sections aren’t what they seem.
Jade has a little company of her own called Jade Reporting. She takes on missions to take pictures of all kinds of things for money and one day she is hired by the IRIS Network who oppose the Alpha Sections to find proof of a conspiracy with the Alpha Sections and the Domz.
Jade takes the mission and then your big adventure starts.

When the game starts you are presented with a cutscene that cannot be skipped, I found this rather annoying, because I had to restart several times before the game ran properly. The first thing that happens is that the Domz attack the exact place where you live and the children that live with you are being captured. I was slightly relieved to find out that saving them wasn’t a very long and standard quest, it was just one battle which mostly serves to get used to the controls, it’s not very tough either, more like a little “before-work-workout”. Lot’s of this kind of small battles are present in this game becoming tougher and tougher as you make progress through the game.
The boss battles can be quite tough as I have noticed, I have only yet fought the first real boss and it was quite a fight already to find out how to fight it.

The overall look of the game is very good, it may not be of the graphical quality we are used to from current day games, but you have to keep in mind that this game is already 3 years old. The sounds are pretty good too except for the fact that the majority of conversations lack the presence of a voiceover, which is a shame, because I kind of like the voices of the characters where they are present.

Then the controls. Playing this game using a keyboard and mouse is horrible and unfortunatly is doesn’t support anything else… This is one thing that I would never expect from a game that is released on 3 game consoles as well as the PC. Gameconsoles have no other option than using a gamepad, but I find it really weird that the PC version doesn’t even support them. Another thing is that it doesn’t run properly on my Athlon 64 desktop, but it does on my Pentium M laptop. Apparently this is a known bug which won’t be fixed anymore. I’ll just play it on my laptop then, it doesn’t have any problems running it anyway on 1024×768 with all details at full except for shadows.

I did manage to get my gamepad working with this game though. I have a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 which is a very nice gamepad and has a little software program delivered with it with which you can assign keyboard and mouse commands to the buttons, d-pad and analog sticks. These options will then be activated when the selected game is started. I have to say that this works really well and that playing the game goes a lot better now. So that problem has been overcome, but for people who don’t have a gamepad on their PC which comes with this functionality, then I wouldn’t recommend the PC version, get one of the others instead. But if you have a gamepad with which you can do the same as I did, then this is a great game.

All in all, I give this game a good 7/10, I would have given it a higher score if it wasn’t for the fact that it doesn’t run properly on an AMD platform and that it doesn’t support gamepads by itself.

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