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The list is ordered by system. Per system the games are listed alphabetically.
Note: the ratings on this page aren’t ratings I ripped of other sites. I rate the games to my own experience so some games that may be considered brilliant by websites or other people and that are rated low is just because I don’t like them. That also counts the other way around by the way.
Note 2: some info on the games may differ from the page where it’s linked. I noticed that mobygames isn’t always equally accurate when it comes to certain parts of the game info.

Currently listed total: 132

Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Sega Gamegear
Sega Saturn
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color

Atari Jaguar

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Cybermorph Attention to Detail Atari Action/shooter 1993 4/5
Doom id Software Atari FPS 1994 3/5
Sensible Soccer Williams Entertainment Telegames Sports 1995 N/A
Tempest 2000 Llamasoft Atari Arcade 1994 5/5
Zoop Hookstone Atari Puzzle 1996 5/5

Total: 5
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Atari Lynx

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Chip’s Challenge Epyx Atari Puzzle 1989 5/5
Gates of Zendocon Epyx Atari Arcade/Shooter 1989 5/5
Kung Food Lore Games Atari Beat ’em up 1992 1/5
Ms. Pac-Man Namco Atari Arcade 1990 5/5
Paperboy Atari Atari Arcade 1990 4/5
Robosquash Atari Atari Arcade 1990 5/5

Total: 6
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Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Assault Rigs Psygnosis Sony Computer Entertainment Action/Arcade 1996 3/5
Blood Monolith GT Interactive FPS 1997 4/5
Civilization MicroProse MicroProse Strategy 1991 5/5
Chronomaster Capstone Dreamforge Adventure 1995 4/5
Command & Conquer Westwood Studios Virgin Interactive RTS 1996 5/5
Descent 2 Parallax Interplay FPS/Flying 1996 3/5
Duke Nukem 2 Apogee Apogee Platform 1993 4/5
Dune (enhanced 1993 cd-rom version) Cryo Interactive Virgin Games Adventure/Strategy 1993 5/5
Final Doom id Software GT Interactive FPS 1996 3/5
Magic Carpet 2 Bullfrog Electronic Arts FPS/Flying 1995 4/5
Mortal Kombat 3 Midway Atari 2D beat ’em up 1995 3/5
Screamer Milestone Virgin Interactive Racing 1995 5/5
Screamer 2 Milestone Virgin Interactive Racing 1996 5/5
Sim City (enhanced cd-rom version) Maxis Interplay/Maxis Simulation/strategy 1993 4/5
Syndicate Wars Bullfrog Electronic Arts Strategy 1996 5/5
Tekwar Capstone Capstone FPS 1995 2/5
Terminal Velocity Terminal Reality 3D Realms Flying/shooting 1995 5/5
Tilt! NMS Software Virgin Games Pinball 1995 3/5
Re-Loaded Gremlin Interactive Interplay Action 1996 5/5
Warcraft 2 Blizzard Blizzard RTS 1995 4/5
Yogho Yogho N/A Campina Platform 1991 5/5

Total: 21
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Nintendo DS

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Atari Retro Atari Atari Arcade 2005 7/10
Animal Crossing: Wild World Nintendo Nintendo RPG? (simulation according to Mobygames) 2005 9/10
Brain Training (Brain Age) Nintendo Nintendo Educational 2005 8/10
Burnout Legends Visual Impact Electronic Arts Racing 2005 5/10
New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo USA Nintendo Platform/minigames 2006 9/10
Project Rub Sonic Team Sega Minigames 2004 9/10
Super Princess Peach (Japanese) Tose Nintendo Platform 2005 N/A

Total: 7
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Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Duck Hunt Nintendo Nintendo Arcade 1984 5/5
Ducktales Capcom USA Capcom Platform 1989 4/5
Legend of Zelda (the) Nintendo Nintendo RPG 1986 3/5
Slalom Rare Nintendo sports 1987 4/5
Super Mario Bros. Nintendo Nintendo Platform 1985 4/5
Super Mario Bros. 2 Nintendo Nintendo Platform 1988 5/5
Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Nintendo Platform 1988 3/5
Super Spike V’Ball Technos Nintendo sports 1990 N/A
Tennis Nintendo Nintendo sports 1984 4/5
Tom and Jerry High Tech Software Creations Platform 1991 N/A

Total: 10
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Nintendo Gameboy Advance

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
BlackThorne Mass Media, Inc. Vivendi Universal Games Platform 2003 4/5
Doom David A. Palmer Productions Activision FPS 2001 4/5
Ecks vs. Sever Crawfish Interactive BAM! Entertainment FPS 2001 4/5
F-Zero GP Legend Nintendo R&D1 Nintendo Racing 2003 5/5
Mech Platoon Will Kemco RTS 2002 5/5
Metal Slug Advance SNK Playmore SNK Platform 2004 5/5
Pokémon Ruby Creatures Inc./Game Freak Nintendo RPG 2002 4/5
Super Mario World Nintendo Nintendo Platform 2001 2/5
Wolfenstein 3D Stalker Entertainment BAM! Entertainment FPS 2002 2/5

Total: 9
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Sega GameGear

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Alien 3 Probe Software Arena Entertainment Platform 1994 N/A
Columns Sega USA Sega Entertainment Tetris 1991 N/A
Ninja Gaiden Tecmo Sega Entertainment Platform 1991 N/A
Sonic 2 Aspect Sega Entertainment Platform 1992 N/A
Wonderboy 3: the Dragon’s Trap Westone Sega Entertainment Platform 1992 N/A

Total: 5
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Sega Saturn

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Alien Trilogy Probe Entertainment Acclaim Entertainment FPS 1996 3/5
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix Takara Takara Beat ’em Up 1996 5/5
Bug! Realtime Associates Sega Entertainment Platform 1995 4/5
Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams Sonic Team Sega Entertainment Platform/Flying 1996 5/5
Clockwork Knight Sega Entertainment Sega Entertainment Platform 1994 5/5
D Warp Acclaim Point & Click Adventure 1995 3/5
Daytona USA Sega-AM2 Co Sega Entertainment Racing 1995 4/5
Doom Acclaim Studios London GT Interactive Software FPS 1997 2/5
Hardcore 4×4 Gremlin ASC Games Racing 1996 N/A
hi-Octane Bullfrog Productions Bullfrog Productions Racing 1995 3/5
Panzer Dragoon Team Andromeda Sega Arcadeshooter 1995 N/A
Panzer Dragoon Zwei Team Andromeda Sega Arcadeshooter 1996 N/A
Virtua Fighter Sega-AM2 Co Sega Entertainment Fighting 1994 4/5
WWF Wrestlemania the Arcade Game Midway Acclaim Entertainment Fighting/Wrestling 1996 5/5

Total: 14
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SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color

Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Metal Slug 1st Mission Ukiyotei SNK of America Platform 1999 5/5

Total: 1
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Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Bubble World N/A N/A Platform N/A 1/5
Honeybee N/A N/A Arcade shooter N/A 4/5
Super Block N/A N/A Puzzle N/A 5/5
Tasac 2010 N/A N/A Arcade shooter N/A 5/5

Total: 4
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Title Developer Publisher Genre Year Rating
Abomination Hothouse Creations Eidos Interactive Strategy 1999 3/5
Amsterdoom Davilex Davilex FPS Year 2/5
Balls of Steel Apogee Pinball Wizards Pinball 1997 4/5
Battle Realms Liquid Entertainment Crave Entertainment/Ubisoft RTS 2001 4/5
Battlezone Activision Activision RTS/Tanksim 1998 5/5
Beyond Good and Evil Ubisoft Ubisoft Action adventure 2003 5/5
Carmageddon TDR 2000 Torus Games SCi Games Racing 2000 2/5
Chaser Cauldron JoWood/Bigben interactive FPS 2003 4/5
Codename: outbreak GSC Game World Avalon Interactive FPS 2001 3/5
Command & Conquer: Generals EA Pacific Electronic Arts RTS 2003 2/5
Command & Conquer: Red Alert Westwood Virgin Games RTS 1996 5/5
Command & Conquer: Red Alert: the Aftermath Westwood Virgin Games RTS 1997 5/5
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Westwood Electronic Arts RTS 2000 4/5
Command & Conquer: Renegade Westwood Electronic Arts FPS 2002 3/5
Conquest Earth Data Design Interactive Eidos Interactive RTS 1997 0/5
Creatures: Albian Years Cyberlife Technology Mindscape Simulation/Educational 1998 5/5
Daikatana Ion Storm Eidos Interactive FPS 2000 5/5
Deus Ex Ion Storm Eidos Interactive FPS/RPG 2000 3/5
Deus Ex: Invisible War Ion Storm Eidos Interactive FPS/RPG 2003 4/5
Dune (Frank Herbert’s Dune) Widescreen Games Cryo Interactive Action adventure 2001 N/A
Dungeon Keeper Bullfrog Electronic Arts Strategy 1997 5/5
Dungeon Keeper Gold Bullfrog Electronic Arts Strategy 1998 5/5
Emperor: Battle for Dune Westwood Electronic Arts RTS 2001 5/5
Escape… Or die Trying Psygnosis Psygnosis Action adventure 1998 3/5
F.E.A.R. Monolith Sierra FPS 2005 5/5
Grand Theft Auto 2 DMA Design Rockstar Games Action 1999 4/5
The Hobbit Fizz Factor Sierra, Vivendi Universal Games Action Adventure 2003 N/A
Kiss Psycho Circus: the Nightmare Child Third Law Interactive Gathering of Developers FPS 2000 4/5
Knudde World Sports Tournament Remix Jade Interactive Euphoria Multimedia Productions Sports/Comedy 1998 3/5
Painkiller Black Edition People Can Fly Dreamcatcher Games FPS 2005 4/5
Pandemonium 2 Crystal Dynamics Virgin Games Platform 1997 5/5
Pariah Digital Extremes Groove Games FPS 2005 2/5
Serious Sam Gold Croteam Global Star Software FPS 2003 5/5
Speedboat Attack H&A Entertainment H&A Entertainment Combat racing 1998 4/5
Star Command Revolution Metropolis Software House Atari RTS 1997 3/5
Star Warped Parroty Interactive Palladium Interactive Parody 1997 4/5
The Thing Computer Artworks Black Label Games Third person shooter 2002 3/5
Thief Twinpack Looking Glass Studio Eidos FPS 1998 4/5
Total Annihilation Cavedog Entertainment GT Interactive RTS 1997 5/5
Tron 2.0 Monolith Buena Vista Interactive FPS 2003 5/5
Undying Dreamworks Interactive Electronic Arts FPS 2001 5/5
Unreal Digital Extremes/Epic Megagames GT Interactive FPS 1998 5/5
Unreal 2 Legend Entertainment Infogrames FPS 2003 4/5
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Troika Games Activision FPS/RPG 2004 4/5
Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption Nihilistic Software Activision RPG 2000 N/A
Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition Blizzard Blizzard RTS 1999 4/5
Warcraft 3 Blizzard Blizzard RTS/RPG 2002 5/5
Warcraft 3: the Frozen Throne Blizzard Blizzard RTS/RPG 2003 5/5
XIII Ubisoft Paris Ubisoft FPS 2003 3/5
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Totally Games LucasArts Entertainment Spacesim 1997 4/5

Total: 50
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