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24 hour game

24 Hour game

On this page you can read a little log I wrote during the development of UberFighter.
Screenshots from UberFighter can be found here.

You can download the game here.

Thursday, august 10, 2006

About a month ago I came up with the idea to create a simple game from scratch within 24 hours. Tell you what, today is the big day. The kickoff was today at 11:00.

The team consist of 3 people:

  1. Michiel (NecroDOME) Gijbels
  2. Frank (Mad Woody) van Gent
  3. Jens (Zhooibaal) Waschk

We have decided on the following:

  • 2D side scrolling beat ’em up
  • We will be the characters
  • Animation will be stop-motion
  • There will be a bonus character
  • All graphics will be photos
  • A portrait of the characters will be displayed in the top of the screen

From this moment on I will post regular progress and status updates on the project on this page.

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Thursday, august 10, 2006

A program is made by NecroDOME to generate a sprite-animation-sheet with mask to use as the game’s sprites. I (Zhooibaal) am currently working on the animation frames for the bonus character (LegoMAN). As soon as the animation is complete I will post an animated GIF of it for you all to see.

In the meantime, Mad Woody (Woody) is working on the game’s engine.

Some features we came up with till now:

  • Double healthbars: each character in a fight will have 2 healthbars, one representing the characters actual health (hitpoints) and one stun-meter. The stun-meter will automatically replenish it’s points and once fully drained, the character to which the stun-bar belongs will be knocked out for a limited period of time, so the enemy can perform a free attack which cannot be defended against.
  • Scrolling backgrounds: the fighting arena will be larger than just one screen.

That’s it for now.

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Thursday, august 10, 2006

Most of the animations for the LegoMAN character are done:

  1. Standing
  2. Walking
  3. Kicking
  4. Punching

Here are some GIFs:


Kicking 1:

Kicking 2:

Punching (1 + 2):

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Thursday, august 10, 2006

Finally, the 6 basic animations for LegoMAN are done:

  1. standing
  2. walking
  3. Kicking 1
  4. Kicking 2
  5. Punching 1
  6. Punching 2

More animations might be added if we have enough time to do so. Those animations could include things like special moves or a seperate jumping animation. The only crucial animation that is currently missing is a falling animation.

The sprite-sheet-generation-program is done. It does lack the feature to remove a frame from an animation, but that’s not relevant anyway.
The game engine is also making good progress. The graphical part is complete and both Woody and NecroDOME are working on the stats of the fighters and other gameplay elements.

We are still pretty sure that we’re going to make it in time.

…Next line…

Thursday, august 10, 2006

Character animation photography is completed for the basic moves. We’re not yet completely sure if we’re going to do any special moves at this point since we don’t know if we’ll have enough time for that.

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Thursday, august 10, 2006

The day is nearing it’s end so another progress report is in place.

The animation of my character (Zhooibaal) is well on the way, work on the other 2 characters has yet to get started and I have to say, this is one hell of a job.

Progress is also being made on the game’s engine. NecroDOME is working on the gameplay elements and there are currently a scrolling background and 2 fighters (both LegoMAN) on the screen.
Woody is working on the soundsystem, but has not been able to play multiple sounds simultainiously yet.

…Next line…

Friday, august 11, 2006

The animation of my character (Zhooibaal) is finally done, I think after about 4 hours of work.
Woody has a partially funcioning soundsystem, after about 3 hours of work.
NecroDOME is making good progress on the game engine.

Currently NecroDOME is still working on the game engine. Woody is creating healthbars and I’m going to start work on the next character… Should be ready in about 4 hours I think, so something like 7:15h or something.

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Friday, august 11, 2006

Animation for NecroDOME is finished, this means that animations for LegoMAN, NecroDOME and Zhooibaal are finished. Only Mad Woody has yet to be done. NecroDOME did start the work on this, but it’s not yet finished.

The game engine is nearly finished, Woody is working on the menu and NecroDOME is doing some tweaking.

I’m going to take a very little break and then continue the work on the Mad Woody animation.

With about 3,5 hours to go, we should be able to make it.

…Next line…

Friday, august 11, 2006

The deadline is coming closer and closer every minute now and the largest part of the work has been completed:

  1. The engine is done
  2. Character animation is done
  3. Soundsystem is done

We’re still working on some character sounds and animated character portraits to display in the top of the screen during gameplay.

…Next line…

Friday, august 11, 2006

Only 29 minutes left to work and I’m here to bring the news: it’s nealy done! Everything works, I even had enough time to “compose” a silly little crappy soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game and all that is left to do is to create a credits screen. Let’s do this!

…Next line…

Friday, august 11, 2006

All work is done! We made it! A download will be available soon, so you can all witness what we created throughout the past 24 hours.

Have fun!

…End of line.


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