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The Lynx was launched in 1989 being the first ever color handheld game console. Allthough released earlier, it was far superior to the Sega Gamegear. The same year Atari released a second version of the Lynx which was lighter, smaller, lasted longer on it’s 6 AA batteries, had a power indication led and had a button to turn off the backlight to preserve battery power when a game is paused.
I bought this one of a friend who didn’t use it anymore and it’s condition could be better, but is still good enough for a play session every now and then.


Processor: ‘Mikey’ 16-bit CMOS chip running at 16MHz. [sound, video, cpu].
‘Suzy’ 16-bit CMOS tunning at 16MHz. [blitter, math coprocessor] .
Memory: DRAM- 64K 120ns.
Display: 3.5″ diagonal LCD display.
Video: 16 of 4096 colour pallette. 160 x 102 resolution.
Sound: 4 channel sound. 8-bit DAC each channel (32 bits). Stereo with panning (mono for original Lynx)
Ports: Headphones -mini-DIN 3.5mm stereo; wired for mono on the original.
ComLynx -multiple unit communications.
9V DC, 1A Power.
Game card slot.
6XAA Battery holder.
Source: www.retro-games.co.uk


Atari Lynx

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