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12 September 2006

10000 hits

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Today this blog has passed the magical number of 10000 hits since it was started on Januari 25th this year.

Now it isn’t all that impressive for a site to reach 10000 hits in nearly 9 months, but from the 1 or 2 hits I got every day back then I now get about 40 to 50 hits every day, which isn’t all that bad for a blog that isn’t actually updated on a daily basis. If I would enter a story, like, every day I’m sure I would get more hits than I do now, but what do I blog about if I don’t have anything to blog about? Now there’s a good question… I’m not someone who’s just going to rant about nothing just for the sake of it… I will only rant with a reason about something that I think is interesting and not just about any junk I find on the web or in a store or wherever.

Anyway, now I’m allready at it, I found this awsome little gadget over in a webshop in Germany… It’s actually an awfully expensive webshop, but that to the side, these things aren’t very easy to find, so I’m willing to pay a little extra EURO for that.
And what is this all about then eh? Eh? EEEEEH!?

Well, about this:

Source: www.wikipedia.org

Even though the shipping costs are relatively high and I don’t want to recommend this webshop to anyone because it’s really expensive when it comes to classic gaming stuff I won’t actually place a link here and I won’t file this under Bargain Hunting (hehe). All I need to do now is transfer the money and I’ll receive it shortly I hope… If I’m not being screwed over badly, but I’ll wait a little with doing that, just to prevent what I just wrote and if anyone can point me to a place where I can get one of these for a price below €21,95 with some extra shipping costs I would gladly hear it and I’ll ofcourse give you credit for it on this very blog.

…End of line.



  1. Cool, the NiGHTs analogue pad.

    You know, if you’re willing to shell out for a full-blown Saturn analogue stick, you should probably also get one of the few games on the Saturn that support it – Christmas Nights is a nice bonus, but more of a demo rather than the full-blown game.

    As far as I know, there are not that many games that made advantage of the pad – but for Nights it makes a huge difference.

    Anyway, what’s interesting about this controller is that it is practically the same as the Dreamcast pad. There are some differences, though:
    – The Dreamcast pad has four face buttons, the Saturn six
    – The triggers are analogue on the Dreamcast – I assume they are digital on this Saturn pad
    – Obviously, you can’t insert a VMU into the controller.
    – It looks somewhat cooler in matt black.

    Comment by Daniel De Matteis — 13 September 2006 @ 0:29000000

  2. I don’t think it’s exactly good looking, but it’s a must-have gadget for the Saturn. As far as I know there are no games that really require the analog controller, but some do take advantage of them and NiGHTS is ofcourse the best known of them and I can’t name any other directly either.
    The webshop also had the NiGHTS + Controller package on the site, but that one was already sold out more than half a year ago according to their e-mail support. So that’s a real shame, allthough that one really had a extreme high pricetag which I spare you because it’ll give you a heartattack…

    I really want to have NiGHTS though… And it’s not an easy one to find.

    Comment by zhooibaal — 13 September 2006 @ 18:53000000

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